Anti-mousse d'origine naturel


Anti-mousse d'origine naturel

ANTI-M EKO'R, green deposit cleaner, eliminates and protects against algae, lichens and micro-organisms on roofs, façades, floors and walls. It is a disinfectant and algicide curative and preventive in aqueous phase. This anti-green deposit treatment of biosourced origin destroys and protects the treated surfaces for many years, from 4 to 5 years.

Formulated from raw material of vegetable and biosourced origin, ANTI-M EKO'R is used in renovation and finishing on new constructions, on the majority of materials encountered in the building industry (tiles, slates, shingles, stones, bricks, plasters, etc).

The surface treated with this water-based cleaner regains a healthy appearance under the action of rain and wind.

Algaecide / BiocideEKO'R Range

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Algaecide / Biocide
Anti-green deposit treatment

SCALP ANTI-M is an anti-green-deposit treatment that removes and protects against algae, lichens and micro-organisms found on roofs, façades, floors and walls. This is a curative and preventive water-based disinfectant and algicide. It has a long-lasting action to keep things clean for many years. SCALP ANTI-M cleans roofs, façades, floors and walls and keeps them protected for 4 to 5 years. This anti-green-deposit treatment is ideal for restoration and as a finish on new constructions and building materials (tiles, slates, bituminous shingles, stones, bricks, concretes etc.). The treated surface will again look clean under the action of rain and wind.

Algaecide / BiocideWater-repellent / Oil-repellent

SCALP ANTI-M 3100 is a 2 in 1 product: biocide and waterproofer for roofs, façades and exterior walls and floors. It is suited to surfaces made of tiles, slates, fibrocements, bituminous shingles, stones, mineral coatings, bricks, plasters, concretes, roughcast, wood etc.

This curative product destroys algae, lichens and green film at lightning speed. Effective in 2 hours. This preventive algicide protects treated surfaces for 2 to 5 years. SCALP ANTI-M 3100 waterproofer protects building materials against water ingress.

Algaecide / BiocideWater-repellent / Oil-repellent
Algaecide and water repellent protection

SCALPFUGE ANTI-M is a transparent algicide and waterproof protection for roofs, façades and walls. It combats algae and issues relating to damp. This is a transparent, non-film-forming, preventive and curative impregnation product. Consequently, it does not alter the appearance of the substrate. SCALPFUGE ANTI-M is the multi-surface, algicide solution, with long-lasting action, to protect your structures against the growth of algae, lichens and other micro-organisms. In addition to its algicidal action, it is an excellent waterproofer that combats water ingress.

Algaecide / Biocide
Professional disinfecting wipes

WIPES DISINFECT 130, professional disinfectant wipes, are a combination of components like glycerine and arnica. These single-use disinfectant wipes have a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action. They are essential for doctors’ offices, in the pharmaceutical industry, veterinary clinics, institutions, canteens, restaurants etc.

Highly effective on hands, these professional disinfectant wipes are also effective on smooth, non-porous surfaces. They are ideal for complying with preventive and hygiene measures on a daily basis. WIPES DISINFECT 130 is Standard 14476 compliant.

Algaecide / Biocide
Professional disinfectant cleaner

SCALP DESINFECTANT DE SURFACES ACTIV+ is used as a cleaner and disinfectant against viruses. It comes with Standard 14476+A1 compliance and is designed for the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces (floors in contact with shoes, pets, walls, doors, chairs etc.). It is the TP2 and TP4 disinfectant, bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal and virucidal solution. SCALP DESINFECTANT DE SURFACES ACTIV + is a ready-to-use impregnation disinfectant that acts fast on treated surfaces.

Algaecide / Biocide
Bactéricide levuricide et algicide concentré

SCALP AM 77 est un produit bactéricide, levuricide et algicide  concentré à action rémanente. Il est à la fois curatif et préventif sur les toitures, façades, murs et sols. Ce produit autorisé par le Service Public Fédéral Santé publique, Sécurité de la Chaîne alimentaire et environnement (numéro d’autorisation en Belgique : 9115B) détruit les algues, lichens, micro-organismes et dépôts verdâtres. SCALP AM 77 est idéal en rénovation et en finition sur constructions neuves sur les tuiles, ardoises, shingles, pierres, briques, bétons, etc.

StrippersEKO'R Range
Facade stripper containing biodegradable PM

SCALPEX EKO'R is a façade stripper containing biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD standard. This gel stripper is designed for deep-stripping building paints, thick plastic coating, waterproofing and thin films on plaster, concrete, stone and brick substrates. SCALPEX EKO'R is an easy-to-apply water-based gel stripper that is ideal for vertical surfaces. This facade stripper is effective from 40 minutes and is applied on plaster, concrete, stone or brick supports.

EKO'R RangeCleaner
Nettoyant à base de matières premières d’origine végétale

LESSIVE + EKO'R is a cleaner and degreaser for surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs. It is formulated with raw material of vegetable origin and biosourced. It is an ideal degreaser for cleaning and degreasing small equipment, machine parts and surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

This cleaner, made from biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD standard, effectively removes grease from surfaces in industrial kitchens, catering facilities, hotels, canteens, communities, etc. Non-aggressive and non-corrosive, it cleans and degreases mineral surfaces in tiles, porcelain stoneware, marble, etc.


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