Powerful wallpaper stripper


Powerful wallpaper stripper

SCALP DECOL'PAPIER, ultra-powerful wallpaper remover, is designed to remove all types of wallpapers, posters and advertising posters. This highly-concentrated product must be diluted to professionally remove normal, special, vinyl or paintable wallpapers. It easily dissolves all frequently-used adhesives available on the market. This is a less limiting and more economical solution than using steam strippers. This product is harmless and can be used in all types of premises, even those that are occupied or in the presence of the public.

Complementary Product

Complementary products

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Complementary Product
Sealing membrane

This fibrous paste dries to form a non-stick waterproofing membrane that covers cracks in roofs, terraces, gutters, cornices, pipes, chimney bases, etc. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER forms a watertight, elastic film on the vast majority of substrates (PVC, galvanized steel, iron, etc.) and does not require subsequent coating. Can be applied in all types of weather.

SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER is a versatile, durable and resistant solution, offering waterproof and weatherproof protection. Its ease of application, ability to repair and reinforce, and resistance to environmental conditions make it an ideal choice for construction or renovation projects requiring effective, long-lasting protection.

Complementary Product
Multi-support temporary protection

SCALP PEEL-OFF is a single-component, ready-to-use, water-based product for the temporary protection of all surfaces (walls, facades, woodwork, furniture, etc.), for interior and exterior use. The protective film can remain on the protected surface for at least 6 months.

Complementary Product
Carpet adhesive remover

SCALP DECOL'MOQUETTE, carpet-glue stripper, is an effective product for dissolving carpet and wall-coating adhesives. This no-rinse, carpet-glue remover, is a product that evaporates very quickly. Fast-acting and effective, it helps remove carpets, felt, plant fibres, wall-to-wall carpeting, wall fabrics etc.

Complementary Product
Neutralizer and degreaser for greyed wood

NEUTRAL DA 66, wood colour-restorer and neutraliser, neutralises and lightens wood that has greyed or blackened with time and weathering. This is a neutralising and lightening solution that works by impregnation. This wood restorer is ideal for restoring the greyed wood of joinery, window frames and garden furniture. It is fast-acting and effective on all types of wood. The treated surface may be repainted afterwards.

Complementary Product
Universal gap filler

SCALP MULTI’RESTOR is a universal filler that restores all types of substrates. This dual-component, polyester-resin-based restoration product, repairs and restores holes and cracks. This polyester paste is applied to metal, plastic, polyester and wood substrates, to repair damage caused by the natural ageing process. SCALP MULTI’RESTOR helps fill even the deepest cracks, thanks it its excellence adhesion.

After applying this filler, the substrate can be repainted once dry. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, this product is available in three tints: white, dark oak and pine.

Engines and spare partsComplementary Product
Biodegradable multi-purpose degreaser

DEGRIP'EXPRESS, biodegradable, multi-purpose penetrating oil, releases, lubricates, degreases, emulsifies and dispels damp, thanks to its two-position straw. Compatible with all materials, it dispels damp after application, and forms a water-resistant protection. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it does not attract dust or other dirt after application. This multi-purpose penetrating oil forms a barrier against damp and water and their corrosive impact. DEGRIP'EXPRESS thus protects from oxidation and all forms of corrosion, even in the most extreme conditions.


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