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For many years SCALP has been manufacturing chemical products adapted to the needs of our customers in the industrial sector. You can find products for the preparation and the protection of the supports, the treatment of the surfaces or still for the completion. Discover our range of products for the industrial sector.

Whether you are a large stripping center or a smaller company, our laboratory will bring you innovative solutions to your needs !

  • Strippers

    SCALPEX NW is a universal gel paint stripper, designed for stripping stains, paints and varnishes from substrates such as: wood, woodwork, iron, zinc, galvanised metal, stone and concrete. Quick and effective, SCALPEX NW is perfect to restore wood and iron joinery (staircases, panels, furniture, window frames etc.). This product can also be used to remove graffiti from rough surfaces. This gel paint stripper can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its ideal viscosity, it is perfectly suited to stripping vertical surfaces, as its gel texture prevents it from running.


  • Strippers

    SCALPIK DECAP'SEC NW is a universal liquid paint stripper, designed for stripping stains, paints, varnishes, neoprene glues and thin films from substrates such as: wood, iron, zinc, galvanised metal, stone and concrete. This liquid, no-rinse stripper is ideal for restoring wood and iron joinery (staircases, panels, window frames, shutters, furniture etc.). It is used to strip varnishes, stains, paints and glues, by dipping, spray or simply applied with a paint brush.

  • CleanerPassivator

    SCALPINOX D is an excellent cleaner, degreaser, passivator and phosphating rust remover for aluminium. It is also used in phosphating projects, like the dip bath treatment of rust marks. SCALPINOX D helps create good adhesion prior to painting. In addition, this cleaner is recommended for the cleaning of anodised-aluminium joinery and window frames.

  • Cleaner

    SCALP AQUA 03 is a universal, no-rinse, degreasing cleaner for all types of surfaces. It washes all synthetic surfaces found in the building industry, like cladding, PVC, painted surfaces, aluminium, zinc etc. It contains no ammonia, acid or chlorine, and is an excellent paint degreaser for both indoors and outdoors. This multi-purpose, universal degreasing cleaning product is ideal for PVC.

  • Oil

    During stripping, the strippers tend to evaporate, in this case to avoid reducing the efficiency of the strippers and a loss of the product due to evaporation, the SCALP SEAL must be added to the bath. Because of the density of the SCALP SEAL, it rises to the surface and thus the vapors have trouble getting out of the bath. It should be noted that SCALP SEAL does not have any activator or penetrating action for the stripper but acts as an anti-evaporant.

  • Oil

    SCALPROTECT 31, protective oil for metal surfaces, is made of a combination of corrosion inhibitors in a mineral-oil solution. This product was designed for the protection of all metal surfaces: cast-iron, steel and aluminium, magnesium, copper and zinc alloys. This oil protects for a period of 3 to 9 months.

    This protective oil for metal surfaces, can be used for the protection of different parts. The product is applied to spare parts in the automotive and aeronautical industry. However, it also protects the inside of metal tubes used in the oil industry, sheet metal prior to stamping etc.

  • Cleaner - Degreaser

    NST PRO 61 is a degreasing cleaner. It removes oil and grease from mechanical parts and metal surfaces (bearings and balls, precision mechanics, engine parts, steel mold ...). NST PRO 61 is formulated from oxygenated and chlorinated solvents.

  • Cleaner - Degreaser

    NST 50 is a cleaner and degreaser, formulated with oxygenated solvents and hydrocarbons. This super degreaser for mechanical parts and metal surfaces, removes oil and grease. This solvent is effective on ball bearings, precision mechanical parts, engine parts, steel moulds etc. This product is suitable for use in degreasing fountains or sprays.

  • Cleaner - Degreaser

    SCALP AQUA 1000 is a concentrated, water-based degreaser and detergent cleansing solution. This product has been designed for the cleaning and degreasing of all synthetic surfaces encountered in the building such as facade cladding, PVC, painted surfaces (painter's laundry), aluminum, zinc, brass, galva, stainless steel, plastic sheeting.

    It is perfect for daily cleaning of mineral surfaces such as tiles, stoneware, marble, etc. and can be used in industrial detergency (auto washers etc.) for mechanical parts, engine generators etc.

  • Cleaner - Degreaser

    The SCALPNET 60 is used for cleaning road vehicles, degreasing, cleaning traffic lanes, eliminates the static film of vehicles. It is also used with a high pressure machine for cleaning and degreasing all surfaces.

    The SCALPNET 60 is very effective at removing insects adhering to the car bodywork. In addition, it has a self-drying effect. The SCALPNET 60 gives plastics their original brilliance.

  • Cleaner - Degreaser

    The PASSIVAL 110 L is a product specially designed for the degreasing, passivation and inter-operation protection of steel parts and cast irons. The PASSIVAL 110 L is used in immersion, by spraying or with a high pressure machine.


  • Cleaner - Degreaser

    HYPRACOAT F309 is an amorphous phosphating process for the treatment of metal parts. It is applied to steel using a high pressure device. The treatment gives the substrate properties that promote the adhesion of organic finishes (paints and varnishes). In addition to its very good adhesion properties, the conversion layer developed on the substrate provides good corrosion protection.


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