Isolated biosourced primer for graffiti


Isolated biosourced primer for graffiti

PRIMER EKO'R is a biosourced graffiti isolation primer that creates an intermediate layer between the substrate and the varnish layer(s). It can also be used to isolate graffiti on a support before painting.

If the permanent biosourced anti-graffiti protection ANTI GRAFF P EKO'R is present on the support, PRIMER EKO'R allows to avoid "the wet look" as well as the darkening of it.

Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range

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VERNACRYL 30 is a semi-permanent, film-forming, anti-graffiti protection and waterproofer. This renewable anti-graffiti protection is designed to protect rough, porous surfaces (stone, brick, concrete, cement, wood etc.) against all types of graffiti (paint, felt pen, ink etc.). Thanks to its waterproofing action, VERNACRYL 30 helps combat water ingress on interior and exterior walls.

Since no adhesion primer is needed, this semi-permanent, film-forming, anti-graffiti protection is ideal for protecting new surfaces. This colourless protection comes in a matte or glossy finish.


VERNAEAU PU16, permanent, anti-graffiti protection, provides lasting protection against graffiti and soiling. This is a dual-component protection (hardener and resin) with a matte or glossy finish. It is used on all substrates such as stone, brick, cement, concrete, wood and hydraulic coatings. This permanent, anti-graffiti protection is ideal for protection work where there is a significant environmental constraint, like in high-traffic areas, institutions, municipalities etc.

Colourless varnish, matt or gloss finish




SCALP PRIMER 36 is a water-based, anti-“wet-look” insulating primer. It creates an insulating layer between the substrate and paint or varnish. This primer prevents the surface from darkening and graffiti from bleeding through. In the case of VERNAEAU PU16 permanent, anti-graffiti protection, SCALP PRIMER 36 helps prevent that wet appearance and darkening of the surface. It can also be used to isolate graffiti on a surface before painting.


SCALP ANTI-GRAFFITI 49 is a sensitive-surface graffiti remover. It cleans all types of graffiti on surfaces that have been protected with VERNAEAU PU16 permanent protection, and on sensitive surfaces. This gel-textured graffiti cleaner is recommended for cleaning delicate, non-porous surfaces like wood, auto bodies, road signs etc. This remover has a very high concentration of active substances and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.


WIPES EXPRESS 70, anti-graffiti cleaning wipes, immediately remove graffiti from smooth, non-porous surfaces. WIPES EXPRESS 70, waterless, soap-free, graffiti-removing wipes, are impregnated with a powerful cleaning formula that removes paint, ink and even permanent marker. This is an instantaneous and unique cleaning system, that helps remove tags and paints from walls, road signs, billboards, cupboards, trains etc.

These anti-graffiti cleaning wipes wipe away ink and even permanent marker. With just a light rub, a simple anti-graffiti wipe will quickly remove unwanted paints and graffiti.

StrippersEKO'R Range

SCALPEX EKO'R, environmentally-responsible, natural façade stripper, is designed for deep-stripping building paints, thick plastic coating, waterproofing and thin films on plaster, concrete, stone and brick substrates. SCALPEX EKO'R, biodegradable gel stripper, is easy to apply and ideal for vertical surfaces. This façade stripper is effective after 40 minutes and is applied to plaster, concrete, stone or brick surfaces.

EKO'R RangeCleaner

LESSIVE + EKO'R is a food-contact biodegradable detergent, formulated with plant-based, biosourced raw materials. This is the ideal degreaser for cleaning and degreasing small equipment, machine parts and surfaces that could come into contact with food.

This biosourced cleaner effectively removes grease from surfaces in industrial kitchens, restaurant dining rooms, hotels, canteens, institutions etc. Non-aggressive and non-corrosive, it cleans and degreases mineral surfaces made of tiles, porcelain stoneware, marble etc.

EKO'R RangeCleaner

BRICK NET EKO'R, environmentally-responsible brick-façade cleaner, is ideal for removing black soiling, originating from the atmosphere, from all mineral or siliceous surfaces. This biodegradable façade cleaner is recommended for cleaning fragile materials like brick, concrete, ceramic, sandstone, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass, pea-gravel etc. VOC-free and formulated from biosourced raw materials, BRICK NET EKO'R is recommended for cleaning work where there is a significant environmental constraint, including high-traffic areas.


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