Permanent anti-graffiti protection


Permanent anti-graffiti protection

This innovative protection guarantees excellent adhesion without peeling on all surfaces. Whether on exterior walls, concrete facades, signs, shop windows, billboards or metal surfaces, SCALP PROTEC MAGIC provides a graffiti-resistant protective layer. In addition to its exceptional resistance, SCALP PROTEC MAGIC is also very easy to maintain. In the event of graffiti, simply use a special cleaner such as SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER to effectively remove unwanted marks. WIPES EXPRESS 70 SPECIAL GRAFFITI wipes are also a practical option for quickly removing graffiti without damaging the protected surface.


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Intense graffiti remover

SCALP GRAFFITI REMOVER is designed to remove all types of graffiti from rough and porous surfaces, like natural stone, concrete, cement, granite, marble, slate, wood etc.

Special graffiti remover

SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER is the ultimate solution for removing all types of graffiti, whether on substrates protected with VERNAEAU PU 16 or on delicate surfaces. This special liquid graffiti remover is specially designed for work requiring particular attention. Whether on wood, bodywork, road signs or other sensitive surfaces, SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER is ideal.

Our special graffiti remover is specially formulated to provide effective cleaning while preserving the integrity of your surfaces, safely and without compromise.

Colourless anti-graffiti protection

SCALP PROTEC WA 67 is an innovative solution for graffiti protection, offering a renewable, sacrificial system for surfaces vulnerable to tags and graffiti. Formulated from high-quality vegetable wax, this protection can be used on a wide range of substrates, with the exception of metal surfaces not previously treated against corrosion. One of the main advantages of this product is its effectiveness both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing robust, long-lasting protection against the damaging effects of the external elements and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Unlike other similar products, SCALP PROTEC WA 67 does not yellow over time, preserving the original appearance of treated surfaces.

Anti-graffiti film protection renewable

Protect surfaces with VERNACRYL 30, a semi-permanent film-forming anti-graffiti protection. This renewable anti-graffiti protection is specially designed to protect porous surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, wood and many others against graffiti in all its forms (paint, felt-tip pen, ink, etc.). Thanks to its water-repellent action, VERNACRYL 30 is also effective in combating water infiltration on walls, both indoors and out.
This semi-permanent anti-graffiti solution requires no prior application of a primer. It's ideal for protecting new surfaces. Available in matt or gloss finishes, this anti-graffiti protection offers a complete solution for effective protection of porous substrates.


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