More than 70 years of history

SCALP is a family business that has never stopped growing and developing for over 70 years. Today, SCALP specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of innovative cleaning, treatment, protection and restoration products, for the construction, industrial and transport sectors.

Founded in 1950, under the name Comptoir Commercial des Peintures, the company became SCALP in 1952. Over the years, SCALP has become a chemical speciality company, using increasingly complex techniques in order to meet, as best as possible, the market requirements of quality and performance. Our expertise is the fruit of 70 years of research and development, aimed at creating innovative, effective, approved and superior products in our laboratory. 


The business was started under the name Comptoir Commercial des Peintures.

The business changed its company name to become known as SCALP : Société Commerciale d’Approvisionnement en vernis et Peintures (commercial supplier of varnishes and paints).

Since the year 2000, SCALP has been a member of the l’Union des Industries Chimiques which plays an active role in the  competitiveness  and  development of the chemical industry and its applications, in France, and at a regional, national and European level.


Our mission

Since 1950, SCALP has manufactured powerful and innovative solutions for the cleaning, protection, treatment and enhancement of your structures, surfaces and materials, while focusing on 4 areas of development :

At SCALP, we are dedicated to designing innovative solutions, to meet exacting specifications, in the shortest turnaround time. We do our utmost to guarantee the shortest delivery times. 

SCALP views safety as being fundamental, which is why we strictly comply with the ISO 9001 safety standards. We strive to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with products that will meet your needs and comply with legal requirements, thanks to the application of an effective and compliant system, set up within our organisation. 

Finally, ecology is at the core of everything we do. In order to protect you and the environment, we use products that are free of dangerous or harmful raw materials, within the framework of a sustainable development charter. The majority of our products are water-based and have a low VOC content. Our duty is to protect you as well as the environment, in order to meet current needs without compromising those of the future. 

In order to ensure you get the best products, our role, on a daily basis, is to select the most powerful and innovative raw materials, both in terms of performance and safety. We opt for French or European raw materials, in accordance with exacting standards and criteria. Before being put on the market, all of our products are thoroughly tested in our laboratories.



The growth of our business is the at the core of SCALP's strategy. Several measures have contributed to the achievement of our objectives. In fact, for the past few years, SCALP has promoted its presence in various European, African, American and Asian markets, by offering products that comply with the regulations and standards of each continent and country.

Our mastery of international logistics and related Incoterms, ensures that our products get delivered to you, while absolving you of all the formalities. In addition, SCALP adheres to the safety regulations and standards of every country where our products are marketed. 


SCALP has built its reputation based on the core values of innovation, quality and performance. With each of our clients, we share a passion for perfection, work well done, precision and accuracy, where every detail matters to us. As a result of investment, patience and a lot of hard work, our products are recognised today by professionals the world over.  


Our commitments

The safety, health and well-being of all our employees are at the heart of our concerns. Beyond our products, our wish is that all our services be of the highest possible quality, thanks to a team that is there to listen to you and ready to advise and guide you. 

Since we believe that French workmanship is a guarantee of quality and an act of good citizenship, our products are developed and made in France. This also guarantees that production takes place in good working conditions. At SCALP, we believe that the well-being of each person is the key to sustainable development for all.

C’est dans cette optique que nous nous engageons fermement à adopter des pratiques responsables et durables. Nos engagements en matière de Responsabilité Sociétale des Entreprises (RSE) reflètent notre volonté de contribuer positivement à la société et à l’environnement.


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