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  • Brakes
    Cleaner and grease remover for brakes

    SCALP BRAKE CLEANER is a cleaner and degreaser for automotive brakes. It works immediately and dries quickly. When used regularly, SCALP BRAKE CLEANER helps increase the lifespan of brake discs and pads. This professional cleaner for automotive brakes, removes dirt and grime that could prevent brake pads and discs, or even the whole braking system, from working properly. This product is essential for regular cleaning.

What is the Brake Range?

The Brake Range includes professional cleaners and degreasers specially developed to maintain the braking system of vehicles in perfect condition. These products effectively remove unwanted deposits such as grease, tar, adhesives, and dust, thereby helping to extend the lifespan of the braking system.

What types of products does this range offer and on what surfaces are they applied?

Products in the Brakes range, such as SCALP BRAKE CLEANER, are designed for use on the external components of motor vehicle braking systems. They act on brake discs, pads and other parts of the braking system, removing dirt and contaminants that can build up and affect brake performance.

What are the instructions for using this range of products?

The instructions for using products from the Brake range recommend applying the cleaner with a brush or spraying it directly onto the surface to be cleaned. It is advisable to continue the application until all dirt is completely removed. This regular and thorough cleaning of the braking system helps to limit its wear and extend its lifespan, ensuring safe and reliable driving.

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