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In this range of products hardeners-consolidants-anti-saltpeter, SCALP has developed products to treat, consolidate and harden various supports in interior and exterior.

Find mineralizing products to strengthen your porous materials (natural stones, bricks, concrete, mineral coatings, etc.) in order to increase their hardness and strengthen their natural binder. But also consolidating products to harden, solidify and protect effectively against water penetration on external walls and floors. And also anti-alpine curative and preventive products to effectively combat the blooms and whitish salts caused by moisture.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre

    SCALP PRIMAFIX is a pre-paint hardener and fixative, for absorbent and brittle substrates and plaster and Placo-plaster partition walls. This universal adhesion primer strengthens soft, powdery and brittle surfaces prior to painting, wallpapering or applying a decorative coating. It hardens the surface of the substrate and regulates its absorption capacity.

    This pre-paint hardener and fixative for indoor use, limits the appearance of fissures and is compatible with all makes of plaster.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre

    SCALP MINERALISANT 95 is an indoor and outdoor mineraliser and strengthener. It strengthens substrates like natural limestone and siliceous stones, bricks, concretes and mineral coatings. This façade, wall and floor strengthener protects from humidity and air pollution, which cause the natural bond in these structures to break down. Hence the need for strengthening. SCALP MINERALISANT 95 is ideal for façades, historic monuments and floors made of materials that are untreated, damaged etc.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre

    SCALP CONSOLIDANT HYDROFUGE, mineraliser, strengthener and waterproofer, effectively hardens, solidifies and protects against water ingress in a single operation. This strengthener is applied to substrates like natural stone, limestone and siliceous stone, brick, concrete and mineral coatings.

    It prevents damp and air pollution from damaging walls, façades and floors and causing their natural bond to break down. This mineraliser, strengthener and waterproofer is recommended for façades, floors, historic monuments and damaged, untreated materials etc.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre

    SCALP NDS 72 is an anti-saltpetre impregnation treatment that helps completely remove white salts from all surfaces. This product is also designed for neutralising surfaces that have been cleaned or stripped using alkaline products. This anti-saltpetre treatment has a curative effect that does not stain or cause frostiness on glass. SCALP NDS 72 is ideal for the finish of walls, foundations and façades that have become stained by salts or other efflorescences.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre

    SCALP ANTI SALPÊTRE is a film-forming protection against saltpetre. This preventive and curative treatment is applied to a clean surface prior to painting, wallpapering or applying wall coatings, protecting it against saltpetre. The active components of SCALP ANTI-SALPÊTRE permeate the substrate to be treated and destroy nitrifying bacteria, the cause of saltpetre.

    This anti-saltpetre protection's transparent, film-forming finish, means that it does not need to be painted over, should the decorator so choose.




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