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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Colorless stain for concrete

    SCALP ACRYL BETON effectively protects new and old concrete against water and oil infiltration, stains and dirt. This non-film-forming product offers long-lasting protection against the causes of deterioration such as stains and dirt of all kinds, atmospheric pollution, seepage, grease, etc. This colorless concrete stain ensures cleanliness of treated surfaces.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Water repellent for porous surfaces

    A silicifying and waterproofing agent for permanently solid surfaces, SCALP ANTI-POUSSIÈRE blocks the penetration of water and moisture. It is also permeable to water vapour. SCALP ANTI-POUSSIERE therefore penetrates deep into the substrate and, in combination with the mineral elements, forms a vapour-permeable, highly abrasion-resistant siliceous structure.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Colourless anti-graffiti protection

    SCALP PROTEC WA 67 is an innovative solution for graffiti protection, offering a renewable, sacrificial system for surfaces vulnerable to tags and graffiti. Formulated from high-quality vegetable wax, this protection can be used on a wide range of substrates, with the exception of metal surfaces not previously treated against corrosion. One of the main advantages of this product is its effectiveness both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing robust, long-lasting protection against the damaging effects of the external elements and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Unlike other similar products, SCALP PROTEC WA 67 does not yellow over time, preserving the original appearance of treated surfaces.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Permanent anti-graffiti protection

    This innovative protection guarantees excellent adhesion without peeling on all surfaces. Whether on exterior walls, concrete facades, signs, shop windows, billboards or metal surfaces, SCALP PROTEC MAGIC provides a graffiti-resistant protective layer. In addition to its exceptional resistance, SCALP PROTEC MAGIC is also very easy to maintain. In the event of graffiti, simply use a special cleaner such as SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER to effectively remove unwanted marks. WIPES EXPRESS 70 SPECIAL GRAFFITI wipes are also a practical option for quickly removing graffiti without damaging the protected surface.

  • Complementary Product
    Sealing membrane

    This fibrous paste dries to form a non-stick waterproofing membrane that covers cracks in roofs, terraces, gutters, cornices, pipes, chimney bases, etc. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER forms a watertight, elastic film on the vast majority of substrates (PVC, galvanized steel, iron, etc.) and does not require subsequent coating. Can be applied in all types of weather.

    SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER is a versatile, durable and resistant solution, offering waterproof and weatherproof protection. Its ease of application, ability to repair and reinforce, and resistance to environmental conditions make it an ideal choice for construction or renovation projects requiring effective, long-lasting protection.

  • Complementary Product
    Multi-support temporary protection

    SCALP PEEL-OFF is a single-component, ready-to-use, water-based product for the temporary protection of all surfaces (walls, facades, woodwork, furniture, etc.), for interior and exterior use. The protective film can remain on the protected surface for at least 6 months.

  • Strippers
    universal gel paint stripper

    SCALPEX NW is a universal gel paint stripper, designed for stripping stains, paints and varnishes from substrates such as: wood, woodwork, iron, zinc, galvanised metal, stone and concrete. Quick and effective, SCALPEX NW is perfect to restore wood and iron joinery (staircases, panels, furniture, window frames etc.). This product can also be used to remove graffiti from rough surfaces. This gel paint stripper can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its ideal viscosity, it is perfectly suited to stripping vertical surfaces, as its gel texture prevents it from running.


  • Strippers
    universal liquid paint stripper

    SCALPIK DECAP'SEC NW is a universal liquid paint stripper, designed for stripping stains, paints, varnishes, neoprene glues and thin films from substrates such as: wood, iron, zinc, galvanised metal, stone and concrete. This liquid, no-rinse stripper is ideal for restoring wood and iron joinery (staircases, panels, window frames, shutters, furniture etc.). It is used to strip varnishes, stains, paints and glues, by dipping, spray or simply applied with a paint brush.

  • Strippers
    Aerosol paint and graffiti stripper

    SCALPEX AE NW is an aerosol paint and graffiti stripper, designed for stripping a wide range of paints (acrylic, oil-based, pliolite, alkyd) from many surfaces like wood, iron, stone, brick, floors, walls etc. SCALPEX AE NW is also used to remove graffiti and tags from rough surfaces. SCALPEX AE NW, aerosol paint stripper, is essential to get to those hard-to-reach places, thanks to its precision-work-enabling aerosol.

  • Strippers
    High performance gel facade stripper

    SCALPEX SD is a super, ultra-fast-acting façade stripper, designed for the stripping of: waterproofing, thick plastic coatings, thin films, glues, inks, varnishes and graffiti from plaster, concrete, stone, brick, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass, wood and mineral-coated surfaces. SCALPEX SD, biodegradable façade stripper, is methylene-chloride-free, NMP-free and NEP-free. This façade stripper is recommended for vertical surfaces, thanks to its ideal viscosity.

  • Strippers
    Flash effect" façade stripper

    SCALPEX SD+ is a “flash effect” façade stripper, designed for stripping: waterproofing, thick plastic coatings, thin films, glues, inks, varnishes and graffiti from plaster, concrete, stone, brick, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass, wood and mineral-coated surfaces. This biodegradable façade stripper is effective on all types of façade coatings. Odourless and ultra-fast-acting, this stripper strips thin films after 1 minute, waterproofing after 30 minutes and thick plastic coatings after 1 hour.

  • Strippers
    Super-powerful facade stripper

    SCALPEX AQUA 50 is a fast-acting and ultra-powerful façade stripper. This product is designed for stripping building paints, thick plastic coatings, waterproofing and thin films from plaster, concrete, stone and brick surfaces. Its super-boosted gel formula facilitates application and is ideal for vertical surfaces. SCALPEX AQUA 50 is a non-flammable façade stripper. In addition, it is effective after 20 minutes on thin films, 30 minutes on waterproofing systems and 2 hours on thick plastic coatings.

Our water and oil repellent category includes a wide range of professional products to effectively protect your walls, façades, floors, terraces and roofs.  Each product is manufactured with specific characteristics to best meet each need.  Nos produits hydrofugeants sont conçus pour rendre les surfaces et supports résistants à l’eau et à l’humidité. En effet, les hydrofuges SCALP permettent de créer une barrière protectrice qui empêche l’eau de pénétrer dans les pores de la surface une fois appliqués. Cela empêche ainsi de détériorer ou de rendre vulnérable la surface. Une barrière protectrice et étanche se forme donc sur la surface traitée.   It is important to apply this type of product to protect building materials such as brick, tile, concrete walls and roofing from water damage. Our oil repellent products prevent greasy and oily liquids (oil, grease, fuel, etc.) from infiltrating the surfaces. These products protect surfaces against stains and facilitate their cleaning. Indeed, they penetrate the surface to be treated and create a protective barrier against oily and greasy liquids.  Mais avant de traiter un support à l’aide d’un hydrofuge ou d’un oléofuge, que ce soit une façade, un sol ou une toiture, il est important de le nettoyer soigneusement pour éliminer les saletés, dépôts verdâtres et lichens pouvant empêcher l’adhérence du produit. Ces deux types de produits peuvent s’appliquer à l’aide d’un pulvérisateur manuel, d’un pinceau ou d’un rouleau. Imperméabiliser un support permet de prolonger sa durée de vie et de le protéger contre les dommages causés par l’eau ou autre liquide.  Find here a complete range of professional water and oil repellents with various characteristics to best meet your needs (water repellent with pearl effect, film-forming water repellent, colorless water repellent, tinted water repellent, oil repellent...).

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