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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • StrippersEKO'R Range
    Facade stripper containing biodegradable PM

    SCALPEX EKO'R is a façade stripper containing biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD standard. This gel stripper is designed for deep-stripping building paints, thick plastic coating, waterproofing and thin films on plaster, concrete, stone and brick substrates. SCALPEX EKO'R is an easy-to-apply water-based gel stripper that is ideal for vertical surfaces. This facade stripper is effective from 40 minutes and is applied on plaster, concrete, stone or brick supports.

  • EKO'R RangeCleaner
    Nettoyant à base de matières premières d’origine végétale

    LESSIVE + EKO'R is a cleaner and degreaser for surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs. It is formulated with raw material of vegetable origin and biosourced. It is an ideal degreaser for cleaning and degreasing small equipment, machine parts and surfaces that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

    This cleaner, made from biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD standard, effectively removes grease from surfaces in industrial kitchens, catering facilities, hotels, canteens, communities, etc. Non-aggressive and non-corrosive, it cleans and degreases mineral surfaces in tiles, porcelain stoneware, marble, etc.

  • EKO'R RangeCleaner
    Brick facade cleaner made from biodegradable raw materials

    BRICK NET EKO'R, new generation brick-façade cleaner, is ideal for removing black soiling, originating from the atmosphere, from all mineral or siliceous surfaces. This façade cleaner in water based is recommended for cleaning fragile materials like brick, concrete, ceramic, sandstone, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass, pea-gravel etc. VOC-free and formulated from biodegradable raw materials, BRICK NET EKO'R is recommended for cleaning work where there is a significant environmental constraint, including high-traffic areas.

  • EKO'R RangeCleaner
    Stone facade cleaner made from biodegradable PM

    STONE NET EKO’R, concentrated cleaner for stone facades, removes “oxocarbon” air pollution from a very wide range of substrates like stone, marble, concrete, all types of roughcast, washed grit etc. Formulated from biodegradable raw materials, this façade cleaner is perfectly suited to cleaning projects where there is a significant environmental constraint, including high-traffic areas.

    It is ideal for cleaning fragile materials, like French stone, stone cladding, sculptures and all porous and fragile surfaces.

  • EKO'R RangeWater-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Water repellent formulated from plant-derived and biosourced raw materials

    SCALPFUGE EKO'R, water repellent containing raw materials of vegetable and biosourced origin, effectively waterproofs and protects a wide variety of supports on walls, facades and roofs against water rising by capillarity.

    Sans COV et en base aqueuse, cet hydrofuge naturel est idéal pour les revêtements hydrauliques, pierres, briques, marbres, bétons, tuiles, ardoises, etc. Il empêche l’encrassement des supports et limite la formation de micro-organismes. Formulé à partir de matière première d’origine végétale et biosourcée, il ne change ni l’aspect, ni la porosité du support une fois appliqué.

  • Algaecide / BiocideEKO'R Range
    Traitement toiture prêt à l’emploi

    ANTI-M EKO'R, green deposit cleaner, eliminates and protects against algae, lichens and micro-organisms on roofs, façades, floors and walls. It is a disinfectant and algicide curative and preventive in aqueous phase. This anti-green deposit treatment of biosourced origin destroys and protects the treated surfaces for many years, from 4 to 5 years.

    Formulated from raw material of vegetable and biosourced origin, ANTI-M EKO'R is used in renovation and finishing on new constructions, on the majority of materials encountered in the building industry (tiles, slates, shingles, stones, bricks, plasters, etc).

    The surface treated with this water-based cleaner regains a healthy appearance under the action of rain and wind.

  • Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range
    VOC-free, colorless anti-graffiti protection

    ANTI-GRAFF S EKO'R is a colorless and VOC free anti-graffiti protection. A 2-in-1 product, this filmogenic and sacrificial protection protects against graffiti and water infiltration.

    This product is intended for the protection of rough porous supports such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, wood, hydraulic coating; against graffiti of all types and water infiltration. ANTI-GRAFF S EKO'R is ideal for the protection of new surfaces in interior and exterior.

  • Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range
    Isolating water-based primer for graffiti

    PRIMER EKO'R is a new generation insulation primer that creates an intermediate layer between the substrate and the varnish layer(s). It can also be used to isolate graffiti on a support before painting.

    If the permanent anti-graffiti protection ANTI GRAFF P EKO'R is present on the support, PRIMER EKO'R allows to avoid ""the wet look"" as well as the darkening of it.

  • Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range
    VOC-free permanent anti-graffiti protection

    ANTI-GRAFF P EKO'R is a colourless and bi-component (hardener and resin) permanent anti-graffiti protection. It is designed to protect against graffiti and dirt on porous surfaces, concrete, cement, bricks, paint, stone, etc.

    VOC-free, ANTI-GRAFF P EKO'R is ideal for work where environmental constraints are important, especially in high-traffic areas. This permanent anti-graffiti protection is available in matte or glossy versions

As committed professionals, we at SCALP SAS have developed a range of more responsible products. This EKO'R range is the fruit of a rigorous approach. In fact, we favor ingredients of natural, vegetable and non-toxic origin, while maintaining optimum effectiveness. Our aim is to provide professional, environmentally-friendly solutions. All without compromising quality and performance. The products in the EKO'R range are formulated according to strict criteria. Our aim is to offer you complete solutions for your renovation, upkeep and maintenance projects. Each product in this range is carefully formulated to meet the specific requirements of the building industry. Our aim is to offer you high-performance products that respect your health, the environment and the surfaces to be treated. Some products in the EKO'R range benefit from recognized certifications, such as the EXCELL ZONE VERTE label. These certifications guarantee their compliance with the most demanding ecological standards, and testify to our commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. We are committed to offering you high-quality products that help preserve the environment while delivering exceptional results. We have also chosen to use bio-sourced raw materials. By opting for natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals, we also reduce exposure to substances potentially harmful to human health and the environment. What's more, products containing bio-sourced raw materials are generally more easily degradable in the environment. This contributes to a better preservation of nature. In the EKO'R range, you'll find facade cleaners, a water repellent, a treatment product and anti-graffiti products. All these products are designed with eco-responsibility in mind. With our EKO'R range, you can choose to make a commitment to the environment, for high-performance results that respect our planet and our common future. Together, let's contribute to a sustainable and responsible future.

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