Natural and eco-responsible facade stripper


Natural and eco-responsible facade stripper

SCALPEX EKO'R is a façade stripper containing biodegradable raw materials according to the OECD standard. This gel stripper is designed for deep-stripping building paints, thick plastic coating, waterproofing and thin films on plaster, concrete, stone and brick substrates. SCALPEX EKO'R is an easy-to-apply water-based gel stripper that is ideal for vertical surfaces. This facade stripper is effective from 40 minutes and is applied on plaster, concrete, stone or brick supports.

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Gel paint stripper

Optimize your paint stripping work with SCALPEX NW, the ultimate gel paint stripper for wood and metal surfaces. Looking for a high-performance gel paint stripper for restoring woodwork, stairs, furniture and more? SCALPEX NW is the ideal solution for stripping stains, paints and varnishes from a wide range of substrates, including wood, iron, zinc, galva, stone and concrete. Our gel paint stripper is fast, effective and versatile, whether indoors or out. Thanks to its ideal viscosity, it is perfectly suited to stripping vertical surfaces, as it does not run.


universal liquid paint stripper

SCALPIK DECAP'SEC NW, liquid paint stripper, is formulated for rapid stripping of stains, paints, varnishes and adhesives from a variety of wood, iron, zinc, galva, stone and concrete substrates. A no-rinse liquid stripper, it is recommended for the renovation of wood and iron joinery, including staircases, panels, window frames, shutters, furniture and much more. SCALPIK DECAP'SEC NW can be applied by bath, spray or brush. Opt for the convenience of this liquid paint stripper to complete your renovation projects.

Aerosol paint and graffiti stripper

SCALPEX AE NW is a spray paint stripper specially developed for stripping a wide variety of paints (acrylic, glycerol, plyote, alkyd) from surfaces such as wood, iron, stone, bricks, floors, walls and much more. Versatile, it's also effective for removing graffiti and tags from rough surfaces.
Its practical format allows you to work with precision and care. Its aerosol can makes it easy to reach hard-to-reach areas. SCALPEX AE NW is ideal for stripping vertical and horizontal surfaces.

High performance gel facade stripper

SCALPEX SD is an ultra-fast facade stripper designed to remove imperfections, RPE, thin films, adhesives, inks, varnishes and graffiti. It works quickly and effectively on a wide variety of substrates, including plaster, concrete, stone, brick, glass paste, wood and mineral coatings.
SCALPEX SD contains no methylene chloride, NMP or CIP. Its ideal viscosity makes it ideal for stripping vertical surfaces, including facades and exterior walls.


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