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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Cleaner
    Elastic cleaning paste

    SCALPNET PEELING is ideal for cleaning various dirt deposits (dust, earth deposits, smoke, soot, etc.). This cleaning paste is also effective in removing surface stains of soot and dust present in the material due to humidity.

  • Cleaner
    Stone facade cleaner

    SCALP PIERRE AQUA 89 nettoie rapidement et facilement les façades en pierre. Ce nettoyant façade élimine la pollution atmosphérique localisée et autres saletés. Ce produit désincrustant est efficace sur une large variété de supports tels que les pierres, marbres, bétons, crépis, gravillons lavés, surfaces peintes, revêtements organiques, RPE, RSE, etc…



  • Cleaner
    Powerful cleaner for calcareous surfaces

    SCALP DMC 73, limestone and mineral façade cleaner, removes grime and cleans limestone and mineral surfaces like stone, marble and those with a hydraulic coating, that have become soiled by urban pollution originating from the air.

  • Cleaner
    Brick facade cleaner

    SCALPNET AQUA 37 is a thixotropic gel cleaner for brick facades. It removes black atmospheric soiling from all mineral or silica-laden surfaces. This facade cleaner is ideal for brick facades. SCALPNET AQUA 37 is particularly recommended for cleaning fragile materials such as brick, concrete, porcelain, stoneware and glass paste. This brick facade cleaner is ideal for wash-down jobs where environmental constraints are important. Environmentally-friendly, SCALPNET AQUA 37 is perfect for cleaning brick facades in high-traffic areas.


  • Cleaner
    Detergent for brick facades

    SCALP NETTOYANT FAÇADE 2, ultra-powerful brick-façade cleaner, effectively cleans and removes dirt from brick, sandstone, ceramic, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass, all types of concrete and pea-gravel façades. It is specially formulated for cleaning materials with a high silica content. This brick-façade dirt remover quickly removes air pollution and other soiling linked to urban pollution.

  • Cleaner
    Multi-purpose facade cleaner

    Multi-purpose facade cleaner, SCALP PRONET cleans and degreases facades and exterior walls before repainting or applying protection. This in-depth cleaner removes all types of dirt from cladding, PVC, facades, walls, floors, etc. Versatile, SCALP PRONET can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Cleaner
    Facade cleaner and descaler

    SCALP RENOV'EXPRESS is a super facade cleaner as well as an excellent descaler and renovator with rapid, long-lasting action. It cleans all types of dirt on facades, roofs, floors and exterior walls. This cleaning product can be applied to all types of thick and semi-thick plastic coatings (organic, mineral, hydraulic or lime-based). It is therefore perfect for renovating stone, brick, cement, fibrocement, concrete, slate, tile and other substrates. Results are visible from 2 hours!

  • Cleaner
    Professional degreaser and cleaner for metal surfaces

    DEROX 320 is a professional degreaser and etch for metal surfaces. This highly-concentrated product cleans, degreases and etches aluminium, zinc and galvanised steel. It creates a clinging base before painting, which helps eliminate slag and avoid the risk of lifting, blistering or peeling of paint.

  • CleanerPassivator
    Corrosion inhibitor and phosphatizer

    SCALPINOX D is an excellent cleaner, degreaser, passivator and phosphating rust remover for aluminium. It is also used in phosphating projects, like the dip bath treatment of rust marks. SCALPINOX D helps create good adhesion prior to painting. In addition, this cleaner is recommended for the cleaning of anodised-aluminium joinery and window frames.

  • Cleaner
    Universal no-rinse cleaner and degreaser

    A concentrated, no-rinse universal cleaner, SCALP AQUA 03 cleans, degreases and lyes all synthetic surfaces encountered in the building industry, such as cladding, PVC, painted surfaces, aluminum, zinc, etc. Acid- and chlorine-free, this universal cleaner is recommended for PVC. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it's ideal for washing walls before repainting.

  • Cleaner
    Degreaser and food surface cleaner

    Cleaning, degreasing and detergent solution for food contact. SCALP AQUA 04 is a concentrated, odorless, no-rinse cleaner. Ideal for degreasing utensils, food tanks, industrial kitchens, canteens, hospitals, communities, etc. An approved cleaner with the "Excell zone verte" label, it's an essential product for cleaning surfaces in the food industry.

  • Cleaner
    Cleaning laitance and cement veil

    SCALP SOL'NET is a professional-quality laitance and cement film remover that excels in removing impurities and traces of cement. This cleaner gives your concrete floors an impeccable appearance. This versatile product not only cleans the surface, it also effectively degreases it, enabling optimum preparation prior to painting or any other renovation process. By removing laitance, cement films and other construction residues, SCALP SOL'NET ensures a clean result.

    Painting or renovating your concrete floors has never been easier. This laitance and cement film cleaner makes this crucial step much easier by preparing the surface in optimum conditions.

Our exterior cleaning products

Maintaining the exterior of a house or building in general is essential to preserve the appearance of the coatings. Indeed, the facade, the roof, or even the terrace, are subject to various elements such as water, humidity, temperature variations, dirt, green deposits, lichens, mosses, stains, etc. It is therefore essential to regularly maintain the exterior surfaces to keep a house clean and beautiful. We have developed a professional range of cleaning products adapted to all surfaces and types of dirt.

Which product to clean a facade ?

The facade is covered with different traces (black, red, green) and stains due to atmospheric pollution, temperature variations, or climate changes. It becomes essential to regularly clean your facade. To clean facades of black or red traces, our product SCALP RENOV’EXPRESS is ideal. It acts within 15 minutes and can be applied to a wide range of surfaces (stone, brick, cement, concrete, slate, etc.).

What cleaner to clean a stone or brick facade ?

Stone and brick are fragile materials that require special cleaning. We have therefore developed products suitable for stone en brick facades that respect fragile materials. After cleaning, it is recommended to protect your surfaces with a water repellent to waterproof them.

How to clean your facade ?

Before starting to clean your facade, it is recommended to protect nearby plants and sensitive surfaces. All our cleaning products are easy to use. They are ready to use and can be sprayed. Depending on the origin of the dirt and the support, you will need to choose a suitable cleaner to perfectly address the problem.

Our universal cleaning products

Universal cleaners, such as SCALP AQUA 03, are formulated to be used on a wide variety of surfaces such as floors, walls, tiles, and other surfaces encountered in the building. Whether it's PVC, metal, wood, glass, marble, or aluminum, our cleaners adapt. Our universal detergents are easy to use. They can be used pure or diluted depending on the dirt and the nature of the support, offering you flexibility according to your needs. These products are formulated to effectively remove grease, oils, and other stubborn residues. See our products in action :

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