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Comment lessiver un mur ? – SCALP AQUA 03

How to wash a wall? SCALP AQUA 03, a fast, effective cleaner, is the ideal partner for preparing a wall for repainting. It is designed to meet a wide range of requirements. This multi-purpose cleaner is ideal for preparing surfaces prior to painting.

Whether indoors or out, SCALP AQUA 03 is the perfect choice for removing unwanted marks with ease. From stubborn oil marks to nicotine stains, from soot to wax residues, this cleaner removes a wide variety of soiling quickly and easily.

What's more, SCALP AQUA 03 can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. From marble cladding to glass to tiles, from stainless steel to floors, no surface escapes its cleaning power. Whether you're preparing walls, cleaning floors or other surfaces, this versatile cleaner guarantees a clean surface. It delivers professional results quickly and easily.

All in all, SCALP AQUA 03 is an essential tool for preparation prior to repainting. Its speed, efficiency and versatility make it a wise choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts wishing to work on a wide variety of substrates.

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