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How do I clean my roof? – SCALP ANTI-M

How to clean your roof? With SCALP ANTI-M, an algicide and biocide designed to clean, treat and protect your roofs against the development of undesirable micro-organisms and green deposits. When nature tries to take over your outdoor surfaces, SCALP ANTI-M is the ideal remedy to guarantee the appearance and integrity of your roofs.

SCALP ANTI-M is a powerful algaecide and biocide, making it impossible to combat green deposits, algae and the proliferation of other micro-organisms. This product is a real asset when it comes to eliminating these undesirable deposits. It cleans thoroughly, targeting micro-organisms and greenish deposits that cling to your roofs, and preventing their return.

SCALP ANTI-M goes beyond simple elimination. Once the micro-organisms have been eradicated, it leaves a protective barrier in place, preventing them from reappearing. Your roofs benefit from a continuous defense against their development, remaining spotless and resistant to biological aggression.

SCALP ANTI-M's effectiveness is further enhanced by its ease of use. Its simple application means that large surfaces can be covered quickly and easily.

SCALP ANTI-M also creates a barrier to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of your roofs. Whether you're invaded by all kinds of micro-organisms, this algaecide and biocide offers you a complete and effective solution. Trust SCALP ANTI-M to clean, treat and protect your roofs against micro-organisms. Give your surfaces a robust defense and a flawless appearance.

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