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Treating your roof against micro-organisms – SCALP AM 77

Treat your roof against micro-organisms with SCALP AM 77, the bactericidal, yeasticidal and algicidal concentrate that attacks impurities. It's much more than a simple cleaner. It eliminates algae, lichen, micro-organisms and greenish deposits in a very short space of time, under the action of rain and wind. But that's not all! SCALP AM 77 also provides long-term protection, shielding your surfaces from these green deposits for many years to come.

When you're faced with surfaces invaded by micro-organisms, SCALP AM 77 is your ally. Its powerful, concentrated formula works deep down to eliminate the growth of these micro-organisms in just a few weeks. The power of rain and wind works in synergy with this concentrate to deliver visible results, leaving your surfaces clean.

However, SCALP AM 77's mission doesn't stop at elimination. It also deploys a protective barrier that defends your surfaces against future attacks. You no longer have to worry about unwanted returns of algae, lichen and micro-organisms. Your surfaces stay clean and preserved for years to come.

Treating your roof against micro-organisms isn't its only action. Whether you're looking to renovate existing surfaces or protect new constructions, this concentrate is ideal for application to tiles, slates, shingles, stone, mineral plaster, bricks, plaster, concrete, rendering and much more.

SCALP AM 77 becomes your formidable weapon for effortless cleanliness and long-term protection. With its fast-acting, long-lasting defense, it's a must-have solution for keeping your surfaces spotless and resistant to unwanted invaders. Trust SCALP AM 77 to clean, protect and preserve your outdoor spaces with ease and efficiency.

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