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Renovate your roof with colored water repellent – SCALPFUGE COLOR

Renovate your roof with colored water repellent. SCALPFUGE COLOR is a water-repellent, mineralizing and stain-repellent tinted renovator designed to bring your roofs, facades and walls back to life. It's much more than just a water repellent - it's a complete solution that exceeds your expectations, giving your surfaces exceptional protection and appearance.

With a palette of 11 shades, SCALPFUGE COLOR becomes a customization tool, allowing you to choose the shade that perfectly matches the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Its unique formula impregnates, tints and consolidates the surface, giving your surface added strength and resistance.

SCALPFUGE COLOR waterproofing goes beyond simple protection against water penetration. Thanks to its mineralizing and consolidating properties, it works deep down to reinforce the structure of your materials. It also prevents unwanted stains, preserving the appearance of your surfaces from external aggression.

SCALPFUGE COLOR adapts to all circumstances. It has been developed for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, tile, slate, interlocking paving stones and much more. Whatever your substrate material, this tinted water repellent offers a tailor-made solution to your protection and renovation needs.

SCALPFUGE COLOR becomes the benchmark product for your exterior surfaces, combining unrivalled protection with renewed aesthetics. Whether for your roofs, facades or walls, this all-in-one renovator offers you a complete solution for preserving and enhancing your spaces. Experience the power of SCALPFUGE COLOR and renovate your roof with colored water repellent.

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