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Tinted water repellent roof treatment - SCALPFUGE COLOR

Discover the revolution in protection with SCALPFUGE COLOR. It's a tinted water-repellent treatment designed to transform your facades, roofs and floors into an impenetrable barrier against the elements. It's much more than just a water repellent, it's a way to renovate and mineralize your surfaces, giving them new life while protecting them from the ravages of time.

Imagine your facades shiny and colorful, your roofs sturdy and waterproof, your floors resistant to stains and seepage. With SCALPFUGE COLOR, this vision takes shape. Featuring a unique formula, this tinted water repellent penetrates deep into materials, creating a long-lasting protective layer that repels water, dirt and atmospheric agents.

SCALPFUGE COLOR's effectiveness doesn't stop at waterproofing. Its ability to renovate and mineralize surfaces makes it truly unique. When you apply this tinted water repellent, you revitalize your surfaces, reviving their original color and giving them a new lease of life. What's more, this mineralizing action strengthens materials, increasing their resistance and durability.

SCALPFUGE COLOR transcends the limitations of traditional products. It is available in 11 shades, allowing you to personalize and embellish your spaces while protecting them. Its application is simple and effective, giving you remarkable results without the hassle of complex techniques.

What's more, SCALPFUGE COLOR becomes the ally of your exterior surfaces, combining protection, renovation and aesthetics. Opt for a solution that goes beyond traditional waterproofing and experience a new dimension of preservation and beautification for your facades, roofs and floors. With SCALPFUGE COLOR, every corner of your outdoor space can become a lasting, radiant masterpiece.

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