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Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Engines and spare partsComplementary Product
    Biodegradable multi-purpose degreaser

    DEGRIP'EXPRESS, biodegradable, multi-purpose penetrating oil, releases, lubricates, degreases, emulsifies and dispels damp, thanks to its two-position straw. Compatible with all materials, it dispels damp after application, and forms a water-resistant protection. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it does not attract dust or other dirt after application. This multi-purpose penetrating oil forms a barrier against damp and water and their corrosive impact. DEGRIP'EXPRESS thus protects from oxidation and all forms of corrosion, even in the most extreme conditions.

  • Engines and spare parts
    Engine degreasing cleaner

    MOTOR'NET is a degreaser, cleaner and emulsifier for engines. This is an ideal product for washing the engine blocks and compartments of motor vehicles. It protects from oxidation after washing and is also suitable for washing the external parts of all engines. MOTOR'NET can also be used as an engine shampoo, as it does not contain solvents.


What is the range of Engines and Spare Parts?

SCALP SAS's range of Engines and Spare Parts includes cleaning and degreasing products specially designed for the maintenance of vehicle engines and mechanical parts. These products are formulated to effectively remove dirt such as oil, grease, and dust, while preserving and protecting the materials of the mechanical parts. They will help keep your engines and other components in excellent condition, ensuring their proper functioning and longevity.

What types of products does this range offer and on what surfaces do they apply?

The range notably offers two flagship products: The DEGRIP’EXPRESS which is a multifunctional biodegradable degreaser that loosens, lubricates, degreases, emulsifies, and removes moisture. It is compatible with all materials and specially designed for metal parts, forming a protective barrier against moisture, water, and their corrosive effects. As well as the MOTOR’NET which is a degreasing cleaner and emulsifier for engines, ideal for washing engine blocks and compartments as well as the external parts of all engines. It is solvent-free and does not attack painted or unpainted surfaces.

How do you use this range of products?

DEGRIP’EXPRESS : For optimum effectiveness, shake well before use. Then spray onto the parts to be treated, wait a few seconds and repeat the operation for heavily corroded parts. You can leave the dispenser alongside the aerosol for wide distribution, or unfold the dispenser for precise distribution. MOTOR’NET : This product is ready-to-use, so it can be used as is by applying the product with a brush or sprayer to the part to be cleaned, or by immersion. The instructions for use of each product provide specific instructions for optimal use of the products to ensure the best possible efficiency in cleaning and maintaining engines and mechanical parts.

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