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The time spent in your vehicle can be more or less important, so it is important to have a clean vehicle, well maintained outside but also and especially inside. To take care of the interior of your vehicle, which is mainly made of plastic but also leather, SCALP offers a range of products dedicated to leather and plastic interiors. Products formulated and developed to clean in depth the various plastic elements such as the dashboard, handle and other elements inside your vehicle. Also find products for cleaning, maintenance and protection of leather (seats, dashboard ...).

Cette gamme est idéale pour prendre soin de votre habitacle.

  • Leather and plastic interiors

    RÉNOVATEUR TABLEAU DE BORD is a restorer and cleaner for dashboards. It is available in matte, satin or gloss finish.

    This professional dashboard cleaner is ideal for sprucing up a leather or plastic dashboard. This leather and plastic restorer also gives very good protection such that product results are keep working over time.




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