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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Auto-bodies
    Liquid stripper for vehicle bodies

    SCALPIK NC 17 is a liquid stripper that is specifically designed for automotive stripping, as well as cleaning paint guns. This super liquid stripper for vehicle bodies helps to quickly and effectively remove all types of paint and varnish.

    SCALPIK NC 17 also helps deep-clean paint guns when these get extremely dirty.

  • Auto-bodies
    Gel stripper for vehicle bodies

    SCALPEX NC 17 is a methylene-chloride-free gel stripper, suitable for vertical surfaces like those of vehicle bodies. Its gel formula helps quickly and effectively dissolve the coats found on vehicle bodies. It is the ideal product for restoring vehicle bodies. It works on all types of paint like lacquers or varnishes.


  • Auto-bodies
    Auto shampoo

    SUPRA CARROSSERIE is ideal for washing vehicle bodies. It has no mechanical action and is therefore recommended for car-wash arches. This concentrated auto-body shampoo removes road film, insect marks and other dirt.

    Thanks to its powerful cleaning action and high concentration of surfactants, SCALP SUPRA CARROSSERIE helps bring shine to surfaces.

  • Auto-bodies
    Vehicle-body shampoo

    SCALP NETTOYANT AUTO is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser for motor-vehicle bodies. This professional shampoo helps give shine to surfaces, thanks to its highly-concentrated active foam. It quickly and effectively removes road film found on auto bodies, as well as other dirt like grease, oil, dirty oil and grease, mud, insects etc. SCALP NETTOYANT AUTO cleans all types of auto bodies, even the dirtiest.


  • Auto-bodies
    Drying fluid for automobiles

    SCALP AUT-SÉCHANT CONCENTRÉ is a drying liquid for motor-vehicle bodies. It is used after cleaning and rinsing auto bodies. This professional product helps give the vehicle a clean, streak-free and shiny appearance. This aid speeds up drying and eliminates any water marks once the motor vehicles have been washed. The film of water found on the vehicle retracts evenly, helping it dry completely and without any streaks.



  • Auto-bodies
    Auto drying aid for vehicle bodies

    SCALP AUTO SÉCHANT is a drying liquid for motor-vehicle bodies. It can be used straight after the washing and rinsing of motor vehicles.

    This auto-drying product gives a shiny finish to auto bodies and more importantly, leaves no marks.

    SCALP AUTO SÉCHANT speeds up the drying process of motor-vehicle bodies and helps remove water marks after washing. This drying liquid leaves an anti-static film on motor-vehicle bodies.

  • Auto-bodies
    Bodywork cleaner for cars and motorcycles

    NETTOYANT CARROSSERIE 92 is a concentrated cleaner for motor-vehicle bodies. This product is both a cleaner and degreaser, removing grease, oil, insect, dust and soot marks, as well as road film from motor-vehicle bodies. It is suitable for car-wash arches and has a powerful anti-static action that limits dust, and other types of dirt, from settling on auto bodies.

    With its concentration of active ingredients, this motor-vehicle cleaner and degreaser effectively cleans and will not damage bars, chrome, aluminium strips, joints etc.

  • Auto-bodies
    Motor-vehicle degreasing cleaner

    NETTOYANT CARROSSERIE 91 is a professional degreasing cleaner for motor-vehicle bodies. Recommended for use in car-wash arches, this motor-vehicle shampoo easily removes static film, as well as dirt that sticks to vehicle bodies, like dust, insects, grease etc. After being washed with NETTOYANT CARROSSERIE 91, motor-vehicle bodies get their original shine back.


  • Auto-bodies
    Auto-body shampoo

    NETTOYANT CARROSSERIE 72, auto-body shampoo, is a concentrated cleaner recommended for car washes. It effectively and quickly cleans and degreases motor vehicles. This degreasing cleaner helps remove grease, fuel residue, dust, insects and other marks that could be found on auto bodies.

    Thanks to its concentrated formula, this professional shampoo removes road film and limits dust deposits, due to its powerful anti-static action.

  • Auto-bodies
    Car body cleaner and degreaser

    NETTOYANT CARROSSERIE 22 is a professional cleaner and degreaser for motor-vehicle bodies. This concentrated cleaner has been formulated to facilitate the cleaning and degreasing of motor vehicles. Thanks to its powerful anti-static action, this auto-body shampoo limits road-film deposits.

    This cleaner is ideal for car washes. It helps save time as it removes static film without the need to rub. The cleaning of vehicles is therefore made quick and effective.

What is the Bodywork range?

The Bodywork range from SCALP SAS is a comprehensive selection of cleaning products specially designed to preserve the beauty and quality of automotive bodywork. This range offers a variety of products for regular bodywork maintenance, effectively removing dirt, dust, insects, and other contaminants while preserving the paint. Additionally, it provides professional stripping products, available in gel or liquid form, to remove layers of paint or other coatings without damaging the bodywork. Finally, the range also includes drying liquids to achieve a streak-free and spotless surface after cleaning. With this comprehensive range of professional products, you can maintain the exterior of your vehicle in impeccable condition, preserving its original shine and beauty.

What types of products does this range offer and on what surfaces do they apply?

Cleaning products :

The cleaning products in this range are designed to effectively clean and degrease automotive vehicle bodywork. They remove various types of dirt such as dust, insects, grease, fuel residues, and other contaminants, helping to preserve the beauty and quality of the bodywork by keeping it clean and shiny. These products are used on all surfaces of automotive vehicle bodywork, including moldings, chrome, aluminum trims, seals, etc. They are suitable for cleaning and degreasing all types of dirt present on the bodywork.

Stripping Products

The stripping products in the Bodywork range are used to effectively remove layers of paint from automotive vehicle bodywork. They are designed to facilitate the bodywork renovation process by quickly and efficiently dissolving paint coatings, including lacquers and varnishes.

Drying Products

These products are used to speed up the drying process of automotive bodywork after washing and rinsing. They effectively remove water spots from vehicles, leaving a clean, streak-free, and glossy surface. Products to be used on the bodywork of automotive vehicles, they are designed to be applied directly after washing and rinsing cars, allowing for uniform water film retraction on the bodywork surface.

What are the instructions for using this range of products?

The usage standards for cleaning products are quite similar; they must be diluted according to the provided instructions. Then, they are applied to the bodywork using a sprayer or brush, depending on the specific instructions for each product. After application, it is recommended to let the product sit for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly with high-pressure water. It is crucial never to let the product dry before rinsing to avoid potential damage to the bodywork surface. As for the use of stripping products, they should be applied to the surface to be stripped. After application, it is often recommended to scrape off any dried residues. Some products can also be used by soaking or spreading. It is essential to follow the specific instructions for each product to ensure correct and safe use. Regarding drying products, they should be diluted according to specific recommendations before use. It is essential to ensure that the bodywork is perfectly clean and rinsed, without any residues of washing products, to avoid streaks. Application is usually done by evenly spraying the bodywork from top to bottom. Finally, drying is achieved by uniformly retracting the water film on the bodywork.

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