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  • Vehicle-interior textiles
    Textile cleaner for motor vehicles

    NETTOYANT HABITACLE AUTO is an active cleaner for cleaning motor-vehicle textiles, mats and seats. This textile restorer works fast and effectively by removing stains left by grease, coffee, food, drinks etc. NETTOYANT HABITACLE AUTO is effective on seats, fabrics, mats, door panels etc. This motor-vehicle-textile stain-remover restores brightness and refreshes fabric colours.

What is the Textile Interior Range?

The Habitacles textiles range from SCALP SAS is a series of products specially designed for the cleaning and care of interior textile surfaces on vehicles, such as seats, carpets, rugs and roof linings. These products have been developed to effectively remove stains, dirt and encrusted odors, while preserving the original color and texture of textiles.

What types of products does this range offer and on what surfaces do they apply?

The range includes NETTOYANT HABITACLE AUTO, an active cleaner specially formulated for automotive textiles, carpets and seats. This product works quickly to remove grease, coffee, food and beverage stains from a variety of surfaces, including fabrics, door panels and more. It is effective on different types of textiles and offers a complete solution for cleaning and refreshing car interiors.

What are the instructions for using this product range?

To use NETTOYANT HABITACLE AUTO, simply spray the product evenly over the surface to be cleaned, avoiding overloading. Its action is immediate, enabling you to quickly treat stains and embedded dirt. In the event of heavy soiling, we recommend leaving the product to act for a few minutes before cleaning. Finally, the product can be vacuumed up after use to remove residues, leaving surfaces clean and refreshed.

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