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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Intense graffiti remover

    SCALP GRAFFITI REMOVER is designed to remove all types of graffiti from rough and porous surfaces, like natural stone, concrete, cement, granite, marble, slate, wood etc.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Special graffiti remover

    SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER is the ultimate solution for removing all types of graffiti, whether on substrates protected with VERNAEAU PU 16 or on delicate surfaces. This special liquid graffiti remover is specially designed for work requiring particular attention. Whether on wood, bodywork, road signs or other sensitive surfaces, SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER is ideal.

    Our special graffiti remover is specially formulated to provide effective cleaning while preserving the integrity of your surfaces, safely and without compromise.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Colourless anti-graffiti protection

    SCALP PROTEC WA 67 is an innovative solution for graffiti protection, offering a renewable, sacrificial system for surfaces vulnerable to tags and graffiti. Formulated from high-quality vegetable wax, this protection can be used on a wide range of substrates, with the exception of metal surfaces not previously treated against corrosion. One of the main advantages of this product is its effectiveness both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing robust, long-lasting protection against the damaging effects of the external elements and exposure to ultraviolet rays. Unlike other similar products, SCALP PROTEC WA 67 does not yellow over time, preserving the original appearance of treated surfaces.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Permanent anti-graffiti protection

    This innovative protection guarantees excellent adhesion without peeling on all surfaces. Whether on exterior walls, concrete facades, signs, shop windows, billboards or metal surfaces, SCALP PROTEC MAGIC provides a graffiti-resistant protective layer. In addition to its exceptional resistance, SCALP PROTEC MAGIC is also very easy to maintain. In the event of graffiti, simply use a special cleaner such as SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER to effectively remove unwanted marks. WIPES EXPRESS 70 SPECIAL GRAFFITI wipes are also a practical option for quickly removing graffiti without damaging the protected surface.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Anti-graffiti film protection renewable

    Protect surfaces with VERNACRYL 30, a semi-permanent film-forming anti-graffiti protection. This renewable anti-graffiti protection is specially designed to protect porous surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, wood and many others against graffiti in all its forms (paint, felt-tip pen, ink, etc.). Thanks to its water-repellent action, VERNACRYL 30 is also effective in combating water infiltration on walls, both indoors and out.
    This semi-permanent anti-graffiti solution requires no prior application of a primer. It's ideal for protecting new surfaces. Available in matt or gloss finishes, this anti-graffiti protection offers a complete solution for effective protection of porous substrates.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Permanent anti-graffiti protection

    VERNAEAU PU 16 is a permanent anti-graffiti protection that ensures lasting cleanliness of all surfaces. Versatile, it can be applied to all types of substrate, including stone, brick, cement, concrete, wood and hydraulic plaster. This anti-graffiti protection is ideal for protective work where environmental constraints are important. VERNAEAU PU 16 is therefore recommended for high-traffic areas, communities, municipalities, historic monuments, homes, etc.
    Transparent and available in matt or gloss finish, this two-component protection guarantees graffiti- and dirt-resistant surfaces.


  • Anti-graffiti
    Anti "wet look" isolation primer

    SCALP PRIMER 36 is an insulating primer that helps prevent the wet appearance of substrates. It creates an insulating layer between the substrate and the paint or varnish. This insulating primer prevents graffiti from migrating through. In particular, it can be applied to a substrate before using VERNAEAU PU 16 to prevent darkening of the substrate. It can also be used to isolate graffiti on a substrate before painting.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Graffiti remover for sensitive surfaces

    Protect delicate surfaces against graffiti with SCALP ANTI-GRAFFITI 49, an anti-graffiti cleaner and remover. This gel cleaner effectively removes all types of graffiti from surfaces protected with VERNAEAU PU 16 permanent protection, as well as from delicate surfaces.
    This anti-graffiti cleaner is ideal for cleaning vertical, sensitive, non-porous surfaces such as wood, bodywork, road signs and so on. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, it can be applied both indoors and outdoors, offering a complete solution for cleaning all types of graffiti.

  • Anti-graffiti
    Cleaning wipes specially for graffiti

    WIPES EXPRESS 70, anti-graffiti cleaning wipes, immediately remove graffiti from smooth, non-porous surfaces. WIPES EXPRESS 70, waterless, soap-free, graffiti-removing wipes, are impregnated with a powerful cleaning formula that removes paint, ink and even permanent marker. This is an instantaneous and unique cleaning system, that helps remove tags and paints from walls, road signs, billboards, cupboards, trains etc.

    These anti-graffiti cleaning wipes wipe away ink and even permanent marker. With just a light rub, a simple anti-graffiti wipe will quickly remove unwanted paints and graffiti.

  • Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range
    VOC-free, colorless anti-graffiti protection

    ANTI-GRAFF S EKO'R is a colorless and VOC free anti-graffiti protection. A 2-in-1 product, this filmogenic and sacrificial protection protects against graffiti and water infiltration.

    This product is intended for the protection of rough porous supports such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, wood, hydraulic coating; against graffiti of all types and water infiltration. ANTI-GRAFF S EKO'R is ideal for the protection of new surfaces in interior and exterior.

  • Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range
    Isolating water-based primer for graffiti

    PRIMER EKO'R is a new generation insulation primer that creates an intermediate layer between the substrate and the varnish layer(s). It can also be used to isolate graffiti on a support before painting.

    If the permanent anti-graffiti protection ANTI GRAFF P EKO'R is present on the support, PRIMER EKO'R allows to avoid ""the wet look"" as well as the darkening of it.

  • Anti-graffitiEKO'R Range
    VOC-free permanent anti-graffiti protection

    ANTI-GRAFF P EKO'R is a colourless and bi-component (hardener and resin) permanent anti-graffiti protection. It is designed to protect against graffiti and dirt on porous surfaces, concrete, cement, bricks, paint, stone, etc.

    VOC-free, ANTI-GRAFF P EKO'R is ideal for work where environmental constraints are important, especially in high-traffic areas. This permanent anti-graffiti protection is available in matte or glossy versions

What is an anti-graffiti?  

An anti-graffiti is a specialized solution designed to protect surfaces against graffiti and acts of urban vandalism. At SCALP SAS, we have developed a complete range of high-quality anti-graffiti products, specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals, regardless of the size or scope of their projects.  Our anti-graffiti products are developed with particular attention to detail, ensuring strong and durable protection against unwanted graffiti. They create an invisible barrier on surfaces, preventing paint from penetrating and facilitating subsequent cleaning.  In addition to preventing graffiti, our products are also effective at removing paint marks and existing graffiti, while preserving the original appearance of surfaces. Thanks to our specialized cleaners, you can restore your surfaces without compromising their aesthetics.   

What are the types of anti-graffiti coatings and on which surfaces do they apply? 


There are several types of anti-graffiti coatings offered by SCALP SAS, each tailored to specific needs and different types of surfaces. Some products are designed to remove all types of graffiti on rough and porous surfaces (natural stone, concrete, cement, granite, marble, etc.). Others to eliminate graffiti on delicate or protected surfaces (wood, car bodies, signboards, or other sensitive surfaces). Others have been designed to effectively remove all types of graffiti on surfaces protected with permanent protection or on delicate surfaces.   

Protection : 

Some graffiti protection products are formulated from high-quality vegetable wax and can be used on a wide range of surfaces, except untreated metal surfaces prone to corrosion. Other formulas are designed to be resistant and easy to maintain, with the option to use specific cleaners to effectively remove graffiti without damaging the protected surface. Other semi-permanent film-forming anti-graffiti products are designed to protect porous surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, cement, wood, etc. And others are designed for high-traffic areas and historical monuments.   

What are the instructions for using this product range? 

  SCALP SAS's range of anti-graffiti products offers various solutions tailored to protecting, cleaning, and maintaining surfaces against graffiti.  

Graffiti Removal: 

To ensure effective graffiti removal, our range includes solutions tailored to various types of surfaces: SCALP SENSITIVE SURFACE CLEANER, SCALP GRAFFITI REMOVER, SCALP ANTI-GRAFFITI 49, as well as the wipes WIPES EXPRESS 70. Depending on the chosen product, apply it generously to the affected area and let it sit for 5 to 20 minutes before cleaning or rinsing. The wipes WIPES EXPRESS 70Meanwhile, they are particularly effective on smooth surfaces such as windows, providing an immediate and residue-free cleaning solution. 

Preparation and Application of the Protection: 

Pour tous les produits (SCALP PROTEC MAGIC, VERNACRYL 30, VERNAEAU PU 16, SCALP PRIMER 36), the first step always involves thoroughly mixing the contents to ensure even application. Then, depending on the product, application is done in one or multiple layers, avoiding overloading to prevent drips. For some protections like VERNACRYL 30 and VERNAEAU PU 16Cross-coating is recommended for optimal coverage. Drying time can vary from a few hours to 72 hours depending on the product and weather conditions.  After graffiti removal, especially for products like VERNACRYL 30, it is necessary to renew the protection, as cleaning may remove it.  

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