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WIPES EXPRESS 70 - Anti-graffiti cleaning wipes

If you're facing graffiti problems on non-porous surfaces, WIPES EXPRESS 70 anti-graffiti wipes are the ideal solution for fast, effective removal. These remarkable wipes are impregnated with a powerful cleaning formula, specially designed to remove various types of unwanted markings, such as paint, ink and even permanent markers.

Whatever the nature of the graffiti, WIPES EXPRESS 70 anti-graffiti wipes are up to the challenge. When you use them, you won't have to worry about the unsightly residue left by acts of vandalism.

Using these wipes is simple and convenient. Simply rub the surface lightly, and the cleaning formula works quickly to remove unwanted paint and graffiti, leaving behind a clean, streak-free surface.

WIPES EXPRESS 70 anti-graffiti wipes are an excellent way of keeping your non-porous surfaces clean and looking good, whether they're road signs, street furniture, shop windows or other areas vulnerable to graffiti. By opting for these wipes, you save precious time and effort while protecting your environment.

In conclusion, WIPES EXPRESS 70 anti-graffiti wipes offer a fast, effective solution for getting rid of unwanted graffiti on non-porous surfaces. Their powerful formula removes paint, ink and permanent markers, allowing you to preserve the aesthetics and integrity of your spaces. Simplify your life with these practical wipes, and say goodbye to graffiti worries.

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