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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Complementary Product
    Sealing membrane

    This fibrous paste dries to form a non-stick waterproofing membrane that covers cracks in roofs, terraces, gutters, cornices, pipes, chimney bases, etc. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER forms a watertight, elastic film on the vast majority of substrates (PVC, galvanized steel, iron, etc.) and does not require subsequent coating. Can be applied in all types of weather.

    SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER is a versatile, durable and resistant solution, offering waterproof and weatherproof protection. Its ease of application, ability to repair and reinforce, and resistance to environmental conditions make it an ideal choice for construction or renovation projects requiring effective, long-lasting protection.

  • Complementary Product
    Multi-support temporary protection

    SCALP PEEL-OFF is a single-component, ready-to-use, water-based product for temporary protection of all surfaces (walls, facades, woodwork, furniture, etc.), for interior and exterior use. The protective film can remain on the protected surface for up to 6 months.

  • Complementary Product
    Powerful wallpaper remover

    SCALP DECOL'PAPIER effectively removes all types of wallpaper (thick, expanded, washable, vinyl, standard), as well as posters and billboards. It also easily dissolves adhesive residues on walls. SCALP DECOL'PAPIER is more economical and less time-consuming than wallpaper strippers, making it ideal for large indoor and outdoor surfaces.

  • Complementary Product
    Carpet adhesive remover

    SCALP DECOL'MOQUETTE removes, strips and dissolves all types of carpet and wallcovering adhesives. A no-rinse product, this carpet stripper quickly and effectively removes glue from bonded floor coverings (carpets, rugs, felt, plant fibers, wall fabrics, etc.).

  • Complementary Product
    Wood degreaser

    NEUTRAL DA 66 is THE product for reviving the beauty of wood that has lost its lustre over time and through weathering. This impregnating solution has a degreasing, neutralizing and brightening action, restoring the wood's original color without the need for sanding. NEUTRAL DA 66 makes wood renovation child's play.

    Whether siding, partitions, shutters, doors, garden furniture or any other type of wood, NEUTRAL DA 66 is the ideal solution for restoring the natural appearance of these surfaces.

    This wood degreaser simplifies the wood renovation process. No need to resort to tedious methods, NEUTRAL DA 66 offers a real alternative with real results. Give new life to your joinery, furniture and other wooden items with this wood degreaser.

  • Complementary Product
    Universal gap filler

    SCALP MULTI'RESTOR is a filler for filling holes and cracks on various wood, iron and plastic substrates. It is also used to repair wood damaged by natural ageing (fills deep cracks). Suitable for interior and exterior use, this filler is available in 3 shades (white, dark oak and pine) to match your substrate. This two-component, polyester resin-based renovation coating can be repainted after drying, if required.

  • Engines and spare partsComplementary Product
    Biodegradable multi-purpose degreaser

    DEGRIP'EXPRESS, biodegradable, multi-purpose penetrating oil, releases, lubricates, degreases, emulsifies and dispels damp, thanks to its two-position straw. Compatible with all materials, it dispels damp after application, and forms a water-resistant protection. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it does not attract dust or other dirt after application. This multi-purpose penetrating oil forms a barrier against damp and water and their corrosive impact. DEGRIP'EXPRESS thus protects from oxidation and all forms of corrosion, even in the most extreme conditions.

What is the range of complementary products?

The range of complementary products from SCALP SAS includes a variety of specialized items. Namely:  products for removing wallpaper and carpet coverings, formulated to ease removal while preserving surface integrity. Renovation solutions for wooden joinery and furniture, products that allow for restoring and enhancing the original appearance of woodwork and furniture. A versatile filler paste used to fill imperfections on all types of surfaces, preparing them for a flawless finish. As well as a a 100% natural origin lubricant with an advanced formula ensuring effective and long-lasting lubrication, compatible with all materials to solve blocking and rust problems while preserving the quality and performance of equipment. These products are designed for use in interior and exterior renovation projects, as well as for maintenance and upkeep operations. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as wood, walls, floors, and metal equipment, offering versatile solutions to meet the needs of professionals and individuals.

What types of products does this range contain and on which surfaces do they apply?

The range of complementary products includes various types of products: Sealing and repair products such as the SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER which is a fibrous paste forming a waterproof membrane on roofs, terraces, gutters, etc., and the SCALP MULTI’RESTOR which is a filler compound for holes and cracks on various surfaces such as wood, iron, and plastic, suitable for interior and exterior use. Temporary protection and stripping products such as the SCALP PEEL-OFF which is a temporary protection product for all surfaces (walls, facades, joinery, furniture, etc.), for indoor and outdoor use. The SCALP DECOL’PAPIER : An effective wallpaper stripper for all types of wallpapers and adhesive residues on walls. As well as the SCALP DECOL’MOQUETTE : A remover for carpet adhesives and wall coverings. Wood renovation and maintenance products such as the NEUTRAL DA 66 which is an impregnation product to revive the beauty of wood, renovating wood degraded by natural aging, such as claddings, shutters, doors, etc. And finally, degreasers and lubricants such as the DEGRIP’EXPRESSA biodegradable multifunctional degreaser for loosening, lubricating, degreasing, emulsifying, and repelling moisture, compatible with all materials. These products are designed for use on a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic, walls, facades, roofs, terraces, gutters, etc., offering versatile solutions for construction, renovation, and maintenance projects.

What is the specificity of this range of products?

The specificity of this range of complementary products lies in its diversity and ability to address a wide range of renovation and maintenance needs. Indeed, this range offers a variety of solutions for different applications, such as sealing, repair, temporary protection, stripping, wood renovation, degreasing, and lubrication. Each product is formulated to deliver optimal performance in its specific application area, while being easy to use and ensuring durable and high-quality results. Furthermore, the range includes products suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it versatile and suitable for various projects.

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