Décolle moquette


Décolle moquette

SCALP DECOL'MOQUETTE removes, strips and dissolves all types of carpet and wallcovering adhesives. A no-rinse product, this carpet stripper quickly and effectively removes glue from bonded floor coverings (carpets, rugs, felt, plant fibers, wall fabrics, etc.).

Complementary Product

Complementary products

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Complementary Product
Sealing membrane

This fibrous paste dries to form a non-stick waterproofing membrane that covers cracks in roofs, terraces, gutters, cornices, pipes, chimney bases, etc. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. Ideal for repairing cracks and reinforcing all types of joints. SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER forms a watertight, elastic film on the vast majority of substrates (PVC, galvanized steel, iron, etc.) and does not require subsequent coating. Can be applied in all types of weather.

SCALP WATERPROOF BARRIER is a versatile, durable and resistant solution, offering waterproof and weatherproof protection. Its ease of application, ability to repair and reinforce, and resistance to environmental conditions make it an ideal choice for construction or renovation projects requiring effective, long-lasting protection.

Complementary Product
Multi-support temporary protection

SCALP PEEL-OFF is a single-component, ready-to-use, water-based product for temporary protection of all surfaces (walls, facades, woodwork, furniture, etc.), for interior and exterior use. The protective film can remain on the protected surface for up to 6 months.

Complementary Product
Powerful wallpaper remover

SCALP DECOL'PAPIER effectively removes all types of wallpaper (thick, expanded, washable, vinyl, standard), as well as posters and billboards. It also easily dissolves adhesive residues on walls. SCALP DECOL'PAPIER is more economical and less time-consuming than wallpaper strippers, making it ideal for large indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Complementary Product
Wood degreaser

NEUTRAL DA 66 is THE product for reviving the beauty of wood that has lost its lustre over time and through weathering. This impregnating solution has a degreasing, neutralizing and brightening action, restoring the wood's original color without the need for sanding. NEUTRAL DA 66 makes wood renovation child's play.

Whether siding, partitions, shutters, doors, garden furniture or any other type of wood, NEUTRAL DA 66 is the ideal solution for restoring the natural appearance of these surfaces.

This wood degreaser simplifies the wood renovation process. No need to resort to tedious methods, NEUTRAL DA 66 offers a real alternative with real results. Give new life to your joinery, furniture and other wooden items with this wood degreaser.


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