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How to fill a hole? – SCALP MULTI’RESTOR

How to fill a hole? When the appearance of a crack tarnishes the perfection of your surfaces, the solution is at hand with SCALP MULTI'RESTOR. This two-component, polyester resin-based renovation product offers a complete and effective solution for filling holes and cracks, whatever the nature of the substrate.

Designed to meet a variety of needs, SCALP MULTI'RESTOR becomes your repair hero. Whether on wood, metal, plastic, polyester or even masonry, this versatile product offers exceptional adhesion. It combines in a single product the essential advantages for renovating a variety of surfaces. It's easy to achieve professional results.

In fact, cracks in wood are no problem for this product. It acts like a shield, filling cracks and holes. It gives wood a smooth, rejuvenated appearance.

The adaptability of SCALP MULTI'RESTOR knows no limits. Its use extends from interior spaces to outdoor environments. This patching paste offers an ideal solution for your repair projects, wherever they may be.

In short, SCALP MULTI'RESTOR is the essential tool for restoring damaged surfaces. Its two-component, polyester resin-based composition and its ability to adapt to a variety of materials make it the ideal choice for interior and exterior repairs. With SCALP MULTI'RESTOR, perfection is within reach for all your renovation projects.

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