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How to isolate graffiti on a wall? - SCALP PRIMER 36

How do you insulate graffiti on a wall? SCALP PRIMER 36 creates a solid, insulating base between your substrate and subsequent coats of paint or varnish. It's much more than just a primer. It's an innovative solution that transforms your surface into the perfect canvas for impeccable finishes.

The main function of SCALP PRIMER 36 is to create a protective barrier. It prevents potential problems such as a "wet" appearance or darkening of the substrate. Imagine painting or varnishing directly on a surface and seeing imperfections ruin all your efforts. With SCALP PRIMER 36, you eradicate these problems.

When it comes to applying permanent anti-graffiti coatings like VERNAEAU PU 16, SCALP PRIMER 36 is an indispensable asset. It acts as an intelligent intermediate layer. It creates a layer between the substrate and the finishing product, guaranteeing optimum, long-lasting adhesion. You can be sure that your work will remain intact and free from annoying irregularities.

When you choose SCALP PRIMER 36, you opt for a superior approach to the preparation of your painting and finishing projects. Your surface becomes perfect for subsequent coats, ensuring a professional, impeccable end result.

In short, SCALP PRIMER 36 revolutionizes the traditional primer by offering an innovative solution for creating a solid insulating base. Its ability to prevent potential problems and promote optimum adhesion of finishes makes it an obvious choice for professionals.

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