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Quickly clean all surfaces with wipes – SCALP WIPES EXPRESS 90

WIPES EXPRESS 90 all-surface cleaning wipes are the result of advanced technology. WIPES EXPRESS 90 is fast and easy to use in all circumstances, requiring no water, rinsing, wiping or drying, and is a residue-free cleaning system. 

In addition to ordinary dirt and paint, WIPES EXPRESS 90, all-surface cleaning wipes, removes stubborn stains such as oils, greases, lubricants, tar, sludge, adhesives, bitumen, inks, waxes and many other stubborn stains, such as charcoal, grass marks etc. It can also be used on smooth surfaces such as computers, photocopiers (toner), fax machines, whiteboards, car interiors, wheel rims and machinery. 

Highly effective on hands, WIPES EXPRESS 90 SALISSURES EXTRÊMES also enables rapid cleaning of all smooth, non-porous surfaces (tools, mechanical parts, worktops, bodywork). WIPES EXPRESS 90 SALISSURES EXTRÊMES combines an abrasive but non-irritating towel with vegetable solvents of very high degreasing quality. 

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