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Creating a hanging base - SCALP DEROX 320

Creating a solid bonding base is a crucial step in preparation for painting. With this in mind, SCALP DEROX 320 emerges as an ideal solution for successfully achieving this objective. This product offers a complete solution. It effectively prepares surfaces for high-quality paint application.

SCALP DEROX 320 is an exceptional degreaser. In fact, it has been specially developed for metal surfaces. Before painting, it's crucial to ensure that the surface to be painted is clean and free of dirt, grease and contaminants. That's where this degreaser comes into its own. It effectively removes unwanted residues. SCALP DEROX 320 prepares the ground for optimum paint adhesion.

SCALP DEROX 320 is a wise choice, as it complies with recommended standards and paint systems for metals, including anti-corrosion treatments. In fact, it creates a bonding base. It can therefore be used in a variety of ways. It offers flexibility of application. Whether you prefer brush, roller or brush application, this degreaser adapts to your preferences and the specific requirements of the surface to be treated.

A particularly interesting feature of SCALP DEROX 320 is its versatility. In addition to traditional application methods, it can also be used as a bath. This method is particularly useful for treating large parts or surfaces. Total immersion of the part ensures uniform, thorough preparation.

In short, SCALP DEROX 320 is an essential ally when it comes to creating a bonding base prior to painting. Its degreasing efficiency, compliance with paint standards for metal surfaces and wide range of application options make it a wise choice.

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