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End-of-site cleaning: which product to use? – SCALP SOL’NET

SCALP SOL'NET is much more than just a cleaning product, it's a formidable solution for end-of-job cleaning. This combination of cleaner and degreaser makes it an invaluable asset to any construction or renovation project.

SCALP SOL'NET stands out for its ability to thoroughly remove even the most stubborn dirt and residues left behind at the end of the job. Whether it's cement laitance or veils that seem to cling to hard surfaces such as tiles, bricks or breeze blocks, this product shows impressive power to clean these different surfaces and facilitate end-of-site cleaning.

There's nothing more gratifying than to see the dirt and marks of the job site disappear under the action of SCALP SOL'NET, leaving behind a clean surface, ready to be used or prepared for the next stage of the project.

But that's not all: SCALP SOL'NET goes even further, offering an exceptional degreasing function. Before applying a coat of paint to concrete floors, it's essential to ensure optimum adhesion. This starts with careful preparation. Thanks to its degreasing properties, SCALP SOL'NET prepares the surface by effectively removing all traces of grease, oil or other substances that could hinder perfect paint adhesion.

The benefits of using SCALP SOL'NET are twofold. On the one hand, it ensures thorough cleaning, restoring hard surfaces to their original appearance. On the other, it ensures optimum preparation for paint application. SCALP SOL'NET contributes to long-lasting, aesthetically outstanding results.

In conclusion, SCALP SOL'NET is much more than just a cleaning and degreasing product. It's an intelligent, versatile solution that facilitates construction and renovation projects. It delivers exceptional cleaning performance and optimally prepares surfaces for subsequent steps.

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