Lasure incolore béton


Lasure incolore béton

SCALP ACRYL BETON effectively protects new and old concrete against water and oil infiltration, stains and dirt. This non-film-forming product offers long-lasting protection against the causes of deterioration such as stains and dirt of all kinds, atmospheric pollution, seepage, grease, etc. This colorless concrete stain ensures cleanliness of treated surfaces.

Water-repellent / Oil-repellent

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Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Ready-to-use coloured water repellent

SCALP HYDROCOLOR PAE is a ready-to-use colored water repellent. This innovative product renovates and protects roofs and facades. It can be used to waterproof, protect and renovate roofs and facades by coloring them. Water-repellent, it protects treated surfaces from water infiltration and staining, and prevents urban soiling, micro-organism formation and freeze/thaw disintegration. SCALP HYDROCOLOR PAE impregnates and tints the surface, while maintaining its mineral appearance. It has been specially designed for application on concrete, hydraulic plaster, mineral plaster, stone, brick, all types of tile, slate, etc.

Available in 4 shades "ARDOISE, GRIS ANTHRACITE, TERRE DE SIENNE, ROUGE BRIQUE", SCALP HYDROCOLOR PAE is a versatile, high-end product.

Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Water repellent for porous surfaces

A silicifying and waterproofing agent for permanently solid surfaces, SCALP ANTI-POUSSIÈRE blocks the penetration of water and moisture. It is also permeable to water vapour. SCALP ANTI-POUSSIERE therefore penetrates deep into the substrate and, in combination with the mineral elements, forms a vapour-permeable, highly abrasion-resistant siliceous structure.

Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Silicone water repellent for blue stone

AQUAFUGE 18, protection hydrofuge pour les murs et façades en pierre calcaire, pierre bleue, béton, ciment, fibrociment, chaux, ect. Cet hydrofuge, idéal pour la pierre bleue, offre une protection efficace et durable contre l’encrassement des surfaces et le développement de micro-organismes.
AQUAFUGE 18 est un hydrofuge transparent spécial pour pierre bleue qui pénètre rapidement et facilement les pores des matériaux, préservant ainsi leur aspect d’origine. Il peut même être appliqué sur des surfaces légèrement humides.

Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Waterproofing impregnation with pearl effect

SCALPFUGE 35 is a transparent roof and façade water repellent offering optimum protection. This impregnating water repellent for roofs and facades can be applied to a variety of substrates, including stone, brick, concrete, lime render, hydraulic render, tiles and marble. This transparent, non-film-forming product is ideal for finishing or renovation. SCALPFUGE 35 preserves the natural appearance of materials and effectively protects roofs, facades and exterior walls against rainwater infiltration.


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