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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Special film-forming water repellent for roofs

    SCALPFUGE ACRYL is a film-forming waterproofer and restorer specially for roofs. It effectively protects against the ingress of rainwater through a wide range of roof surfaces (roof tiles, slates, cements, bituminous shingles, shingles, fibrocements etc.) This film-forming waterproofer restores roofs and makes them look like new (long-lasting sheen). SCALPFUGE ACRYL hardens and forms a protective, water-repellent, microporous film. This film-forming waterproofer, specially for roofs, prevents urban soiling and the growth of micro-organisms.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Silicone water repellent for blue stone

    AQUAFUGE 18 is an aqueous, silicone waterproofer for roofs, walls and façades, as well as all porous materials like limestone, bluestone, concrete, cement, fibrocement and whitewash. This silicone waterproofer prevents the soiling of surfaces and limits the growth of micro-organisms. Microporous AQUAFUGE 18 easily and rapidly impregnates the pores of materials. It does not alter the appearance or the porosity of the substrate and can be applied to slightly damp surfaces.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Hydrofuge d’imprégnation à effet perlant

    SCALPFUGE 35 is an impregnation waterproofer with beading effect, ideal for finishes or restoring façades, walls and roofs. This transparent, impregnation product is non-film-forming. This waterproofer is ideal for stones, bricks, concretes, whitewash coatings, hydraulic coatings, tiles, thick plastic coatings, semi-thick coatings, thick mineral coatings etc. It effectively protects your roofs and walls against rainwater ingress through a wide range of substrates.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Colourless water and oil repellent protection

    SCALP ANTI-TACHES 07 is a colourless, oil-repelling and waterproofing protection for porous floors, that protects against the penetration of liquids (water, wine, coffee, tannin, oil, fat etc.). This impregnation product, especially for floors and terraces, is transparent and non-film-forming. This stain-resistant protection has a Class A effectiveness excellence label, according to the European effectiveness approval system. This waterproofer is perfectly suited to protecting substrates like stone, marble, sandstone, granite, interlocking paving stones, terracotta or wood. It is ideal as a finish for new structures and for restoration, or after the cleaning of pavements, pedestrian areas, terraces, swimming-pool decks, stairs etc.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent

    SCALPFUGE OM 70 is a solvent-based, silicone-free waterproofer, with a very pronounced beading effect, that contains organometallic compounds. It protects façades against rainwater ingress. SCALPFUGE OM 70, organometallic waterproofer, is applied to substrates like stone, plaster, hydraulic coating, cement, concrete, brick, marble, tile, slate and fibrocement. Once applied, this silicone-free waterproofer does not alter the appearance of the surface. It easily and rapidly impregnates the pores of materials.


  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent

    SCALP PROTECT ENDUIT DECO is a colourless waterproofer for indoor coatings. This is a solvent-free, odourless and invisible protection against spilt liquids, like water, oil, coffee, wine etc. This waterproofer helps your decorative coatings retain their beauty and prevents them from being damaged with time and from various liquid spills.

    Once applied, SCALP PROTECT ENDUIT DECO will not alter the appearance of the surface. It easily and rapidly impregnates interior-finish coatings and prevents the soiling of surfaces.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Water-repelling, mineralising and stain-resisting tinted

    SCALPFUGE COLOR is a tinted restorer, waterproofer, mineraliser and anti-stain product for roofs, façades and walls. Available in 11 shades, it impregnates, tints and consolidates the surface, thereby reinforcing the structure. This tinted waterproofer is perfectly suited to protect treated surfaces against water ingress and staining. SCALPFUGE COLOR, mineraliser and reinforcer, impregnates the surface while not harming its mineral aspect. It is ideal for applying to concrete, tiles, slates, interlocking paving stones etc.


  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Produit d’injection curatif et préventif

    SCALP HYDROGEL is an injection product designed to ward off the rise of water through capillary action. With its ready-to-use formula, SCALP HYDROGEL is ideal for rapidly and effectively treating all types of materials: brick, concrete, cinder blocks etc.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Colored waterproofing for roofs

    SCALP WATERPROOF ROOFTOP is a paint with pure acrylic resins for asbestos cement rooftops. It is used to waterproof, protect, restore and tint rooftops made of artificial slate, fibre cement components, asbestos cement etc. It can also be used to paint concrete and cement surfaces.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Hydrofuge d’injection curatif et préventif

    SCALPFUGE 32 is an injection product used for damp proofing treatment of porous building materials and for the treatment of capillary rising damp.

  • Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
    Barrière anti-humidité et anti-salpêtre

    SCALPOX AS 2 is designed as a preventive treatment against saltpetre. It forms a waterproof barrier and prevents damp, efflorescence and saltpetre from coming through onto walls and ceilings. SCALPOX AS 2 is an answer to problems caused by hygroscopic salts (nitrates, sulphates, chlorides etc.).

  • Algaecide / BiocideWater-repellent / Oil-repellent

    SCALP ANTI-M 3100 is a 2 in 1 product: biocide and waterproofer for roofs, façades and exterior walls and floors. It is suited to surfaces made of tiles, slates, fibrocements, bituminous shingles, stones, mineral coatings, bricks, plasters, concretes, roughcast, wood etc.

    This curative product destroys algae, lichens and green film at lightning speed. Effective in 2 hours. This preventive algicide protects treated surfaces for 2 to 5 years. SCALP ANTI-M 3100 waterproofer protects building materials against water ingress.

Our water and oil repellent category includes a wide range of professional products to effectively protect your walls, façades, floors, terraces and roofs.  Each product is manufactured with specific characteristics to best meet each need.  Nos produits hydrofugeants sont conçus pour rendre les surfaces et supports résistants à l’eau et à l’humidité. En effet, les hydrofuges SCALP permettent de créer une barrière protectrice qui empêche l’eau de pénétrer dans les pores de la surface une fois appliqués. Cela empêche ainsi de détériorer ou de rendre vulnérable la surface. Une barrière protectrice et étanche se forme donc sur la surface traitée.   It is important to apply this type of product to protect building materials such as brick, tile, concrete walls and roofing from water damage. Our oil repellent products prevent greasy and oily liquids (oil, grease, fuel, etc.) from infiltrating the surfaces. These products protect surfaces against stains and facilitate their cleaning. Indeed, they penetrate the surface to be treated and create a protective barrier against oily and greasy liquids.  Mais avant de traiter un support à l’aide d’un hydrofuge ou d’un oléofuge, que ce soit une façade, un sol ou une toiture, il est important de le nettoyer soigneusement pour éliminer les saletés, dépôts verdâtres et lichens pouvant empêcher l’adhérence du produit. Ces deux types de produits peuvent s’appliquer à l’aide d’un pulvérisateur manuel, d’un pinceau ou d’un rouleau. Imperméabiliser un support permet de prolonger sa durée de vie et de le protéger contre les dommages causés par l’eau ou autre liquide.  Find here a complete range of professional water and oil repellents with various characteristics to best meet your needs (water repellent with pearl effect, film-forming water repellent, colorless water repellent, tinted water repellent, oil repellent...).

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