Our favourites for this summer

Find all our solutions to restore the sheen of your rooftops, façades and floors.

Summer is here! This is the perfect time to start restoring your floors, roofs, walls and façades. Discover our products, specifically designed for the cleaning, treatment and protection of your exterior surfaces. See our selection.

universal liquid paint stripper

SCALPIK DECAP'SEC NW is a universal liquid paint stripper, designed for stripping stains, paints, varnishes, neoprene glues and thin films from substrates such as: wood, iron, zinc, galvanised metal, stone and concrete. This liquid, no-rinse stripper is ideal for restoring wood and iron joinery (staircases, panels, window frames, shutters, furniture etc.). It is used to strip varnishes, stains, paints and glues, by dipping, spray or simply applied with a paint brush.

universal gel paint stripper

SCALPEX NW is a universal gel paint stripper, designed for stripping stains, paints and varnishes from substrates such as: wood, woodwork, iron, zinc, galvanised metal, stone and concrete. Quick and effective, SCALPEX NW is perfect to restore wood and iron joinery (staircases, panels, furniture, window frames etc.). This product can also be used to remove graffiti from rough surfaces. This gel paint stripper can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its ideal viscosity, it is perfectly suited to stripping vertical surfaces, as its gel texture prevents it from running.


Universal no-rinse cleaner and degreaser

SCALP AQUA 03 is a universal, no-rinse, degreasing cleaner for all types of surfaces. It washes all synthetic surfaces found in the building industry, like cladding, PVC, painted surfaces, aluminium, zinc etc. It contains no ammonia, acid or chlorine, and is an excellent paint degreaser for both indoors and outdoors. This multi-purpose, universal degreasing cleaning product is ideal for PVC.

Facade cleaner and descaler

SCALP RENOV’ EXPRESS, super façade cleaner and descaler, cleans, descales and restores roofs, façades, floors and walls. It is designed to remove soiling and air pollution from all structures, like façades, walls, floors and roofs. This façade cleaner is applied to all types of thick and semi-thick plastic coatings (organic, mineral, hydraulic or whitewash). SCALP RENOV’ EXPRESS is therefore perfectly suited to stones, bricks, cements, fibrocements, concretes, slates, tiles etc.

Façade shampoo

SCALP PRONET, ultra-powerful, multi-purpose façade detergent, cleans, removes dirt and degreases metal and mineral cladding, soiled PVC, façades, floors, paving, and all mineral or organic surfaces, whether painted or not. Ultra-powerful and multi-purpose SCALP PRONET is designed to shampoo and clean heavily-soiled façades, whether as a finish or in preparation for repainting.

Universal cleaning wipes for construction sites

WIPES EXPRESS 90 universal, work-site cleaning wipes, quickly clean and degrease all stubborn stains. These maintenance wipes are waterless and soap-less and ideal for hands and smooth, non-porous surfaces like computers, printers, whiteboards, vehicle interiors and exteriors, machines etc. WIPES EXPRESS 90 removes oil, fat, lubricant, tar, grease, ink etc. These industrial wipes are non-irritating and have a powerful grease-removing and cleaning action. The convenient size means these universal, work-site cleaning wipes can be carried everywhere you go.

Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Water-repelling, mineralising and stain-resisting tinted

SCALPFUGE COLOR is a tinted restorer, waterproofer, mineraliser and anti-stain product for roofs, façades and walls. Available in 11 shades, it impregnates, tints and consolidates the surface, thereby reinforcing the structure. This tinted waterproofer is perfectly suited to protect treated surfaces against water ingress and staining. SCALPFUGE COLOR, mineraliser and reinforcer, impregnates the surface while not harming its mineral aspect. It is ideal for applying to concrete, tiles, slates, interlocking paving stones etc.


Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Waterproofing impregnation with pearl effect

SCALPFUGE 35 is an impregnation waterproofer with beading effect, ideal for finishes or restoring façades, walls and roofs. This transparent, impregnation product is non-film-forming. This waterproofer is ideal for stones, bricks, concretes, whitewash coatings, hydraulic coatings, tiles, thick plastic coatings, semi-thick coatings, thick mineral coatings etc. It effectively protects your roofs and walls against rainwater ingress through a wide range of substrates.

Water-repellent / Oil-repellent
Colourless water and oil repellent protection

SCALP ANTI-TACHES 07 is a colourless, oil-repelling and waterproofing protection for porous floors, that protects against the penetration of liquids (water, wine, coffee, tannin, oil, fat etc.). This impregnation product, especially for floors and terraces, is transparent and non-film-forming. This stain-resistant protection has a Class A effectiveness excellence label, according to the European effectiveness approval system. This waterproofer is perfectly suited to protecting substrates like stone, marble, sandstone, granite, interlocking paving stones, terracotta or wood. It is ideal as a finish for new structures and for restoration, or after the cleaning of pavements, pedestrian areas, terraces, swimming-pool decks, stairs etc.

Algaecide / Biocide
Anti-green deposit treatment

SCALP ANTI-M is an anti-green-deposit treatment that removes and protects against algae, lichens and micro-organisms found on roofs, façades, floors and walls. This is a curative and preventive water-based disinfectant and algicide. It has a long-lasting action to keep things clean for many years. SCALP ANTI-M cleans roofs, façades, floors and walls and keeps them protected for 4 to 5 years. This anti-green-deposit treatment is ideal for restoration and as a finish on new constructions and building materials (tiles, slates, bituminous shingles, stones, bricks, concretes etc.). The treated surface will again look clean under the action of rain and wind.

Algaecide / BiocideWater-repellent / Oil-repellent

SCALP ANTI-M 3100 is a 2 in 1 product: biocide and waterproofer for roofs, façades and exterior walls and floors. It is suited to surfaces made of tiles, slates, fibrocements, bituminous shingles, stones, mineral coatings, bricks, plasters, concretes, roughcast, wood etc.

This curative product destroys algae, lichens and green film at lightning speed. Effective in 2 hours. This preventive algicide protects treated surfaces for 2 to 5 years. SCALP ANTI-M 3100 waterproofer protects building materials against water ingress.

Algaecide / BiocideEKO'R Range
Biocide made from biosourced raw materials

ANTI-M EKO'R, green deposit cleaner, eliminates and protects against algae, lichens and micro-organisms on roofs, façades, floors and walls. It is a disinfectant and algicide curative and preventive in aqueous phase. This anti-green deposit treatment of biosourced origin destroys and protects the treated surfaces for many years, from 4 to 5 years.

Formulated from raw material of vegetable and biosourced origin, ANTI-M EKO'R is used in renovation and finishing on new constructions, on the majority of materials encountered in the building industry (tiles, slates, shingles, stones, bricks, plasters, etc).

The surface treated with this water-based cleaner regains a healthy appearance under the action of rain and wind.


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