Lingettes désinfectantes virucide


Lingettes désinfectantes virucide

WIPES DISINFECT 130 virucidal disinfectant wipes are a complete solution for hygiene and disinfection. These professional, single-use wipes offer bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action for hands and smooth surfaces. They are indispensable in a variety of sectors, such as medical practices, pharmaceutical industries, veterinary practices, communities, canteens, restaurants and many more.
These virucidal disinfectant wipes make an effective contribution to compliance with barrier measures and hygiene standards on a daily basis. What's more, WIPES DISINFECT 130 complies with EN 14476.

Algaecide / Biocide

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Algaecide / Biocide
Anti-green deposit treatment

SCALP ANTI-M is an anti-green-deposit treatment that removes and protects against algae, lichens and micro-organisms found on roofs, façades, floors and walls. This is a curative and preventive water-based disinfectant and algicide. It has a long-lasting action to keep things clean for many years. SCALP ANTI-M cleans roofs, façades, floors and walls and keeps them protected for 4 to 5 years. This anti-green-deposit treatment is ideal for restoration and as a finish on new constructions and building materials (tiles, slates, bituminous shingles, stones, bricks, concretes etc.). The treated surface will again look clean under the action of rain and wind.

Algaecide / BiocideWater-repellent / Oil-repellent
Concentrated anti-green deposit treatment

Protect your outdoor surfaces effectively and durably with SCALP ANTI-M 3100, a 2-in-1 concentrated anti-green deposit and water-repellent treatment for roofs, facades, walls and floors. It has been specially formulated and developed to effectively combat algae, lichen and green deposits. Curative and preventive, it provides long-lasting protection for a wide range of materials, including tiles, slates, fibrocement, shingles, stone, mineral plaster, bricks, plaster, concrete, rendering and wood.
Its curative action rapidly eliminates algae, lichen, green deposits and other micro-organisms in just 2 hours. This algicide also provides long-lasting protection for treated surfaces, offering peace of mind for 2 to 5 years. As a water repellent, SCALP ANTI-M 3100 also protects your exterior surfaces against water infiltration, helping to extend their lifespan.

Algaecide / BiocideWater-repellent / Oil-repellent
Protection against green deposits

Protect your surfaces against green deposits with SCALPFUGE ANTI-M, a transparent algicide and water-repellent solution for roofs, facades and walls. This anti-green deposit protection acts effectively against algae, lichen and other micro-organisms, as well as moisture problems. This product offers both preventive and curative action, while preserving the original appearance of the substrate thanks to its non-film-forming formula.
SCALPFUGE ANTI-M is the ideal solution for combating the formation and development of algae, lichen and other micro-organisms on a wide variety of substrates including tiles, slates, fibrocement, shingles, stone, mineral plaster, lime plaster, brick, plaster and concrete. SCALPFUGE ANTI-M not only protects substrates against greenish deposits, it also has a water-repellent action. It protects against water infiltration for complete protection of your new or renovated buildings.

Algaecide / Biocide
Professional disinfectant cleaner

Protect surfaces with SCALP SURFACE DISINFECTANT ACTIV+, a powerful virucide, bactericide, yeast and fungicide disinfectant. This 14476+A1-compliant disinfectant is designed for effective cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, including floors in contact with footwear, pet areas, walls, doors, chairs and much more.
SCALP SURFACE DISINFECTANT ACTIV + is a TP2 and TP4 impregnating disinfectant. It's ready-to-use and fast-acting to guarantee complete protection against viruses, bacteria, yeasts and other pathogens on treated surfaces.


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