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SCALP is an expert in the design and manufacture of innovative products for the transportation sector. We have developed a complete range of professional products to meet all the needs of preparation and maintenance of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, tankers, etc.).

Our products for the transport sector are formulated to respect all materials. And thus obtain the best possible result. Our range is composed of cleaners, degreasers, strippers, self-dryers and lubricants. Our products are intended for all transport professionals: car washes, garages, car distributors, dealerships, etc.

Discover all our products to take care of your different vehicles: body, rim, brake, tire and engine cleaners.

  • Engines and spare partsComplementary Product

    DEGRIP'EXPRESS, biodegradable, multi-purpose penetrating oil, releases, lubricates, degreases, emulsifies and dispels damp, thanks to its two-position straw. Compatible with all materials, it dispels damp after application, and forms a water-resistant protection. Thanks to its 100% natural composition, it does not attract dust or other dirt after application. This multi-purpose penetrating oil forms a barrier against damp and water and their corrosive impact. DEGRIP'EXPRESS thus protects from oxidation and all forms of corrosion, even in the most extreme conditions.

  • Leather and plastic interiors

    RÉNOVATEUR TABLEAU DE BORD is a restorer and cleaner for dashboards. It is available in matte, satin or gloss finish.

    This professional dashboard cleaner is ideal for sprucing up a leather or plastic dashboard. This leather and plastic restorer also gives very good protection such that product results are keep working over time.



  • Vehicle-interior textiles

    NETTOYANT HABITACLE AUTO is an active cleaner for cleaning motor-vehicle textiles, mats and seats. This textile restorer works fast and effectively by removing stains left by grease, coffee, food, drinks etc. NETTOYANT HABITACLE AUTO is effective on seats, fabrics, mats, door panels etc. This motor-vehicle-textile stain-remover restores brightness and refreshes fabric colours.

  • Tyres

    SCALP RENOV'PNEU is a long-lasting restorer for tyres and rubber, giving them a glossy, non-greasy finish. This professional product durably maintains and protects motor-vehicle tyres. It is does not attack rubber, wheel rims and vehicle bodies. SCALP RENOV'PNEU helps keep rubber flexible, thanks to its solvent-free formula.

  • Wheel-rims

    SCALP RENOV'JANTE EVOLUTION is a professional, concentrated, acid- and solvent-free cleaner and degreaser for wheel rims. It removes all traces of dirt, like brake dust or road film, from the wheel rims of vehicles. This wheel-rim restorer is suitable for all types of wheel-rim finishes and harmless to chrome and aluminium. SCALP RENOV'JANTE EVOLUTION is a professional cleaner and degreaser, designed to remove all dirt and restore different types of wheel rims to their original shine.

  • Wheel-rims

    SCALP RENOV'JANTE is a professional wheel-rim cleaner. It removes all traces of dirt, like brake dust or road film. This wheel-rim restorer is suitable for all types of wheel-rim finishes and harmless to chrome and aluminium. SCALP RIM'RENOV is a professional cleaner, formulated to remove all dirt and restore different types of wheel rims to their original shine.

  • Brakes

    SCALP BRAKE CLEANER is a cleaner and degreaser for automotive brakes. It works immediately and dries quickly. When used regularly, SCALP BRAKE CLEANER helps increase the lifespan of brake discs and pads. This professional cleaner for automotive brakes, removes dirt and grime that could prevent brake pads and discs, or even the whole braking system, from working properly. This product is essential for regular cleaning.

  • Auto-bodies

    SCALPIK NC 17 is a liquid stripper that is specifically designed for automotive stripping, as well as cleaning paint guns. This super liquid stripper for vehicle bodies helps to quickly and effectively remove all types of paint and varnish.

    SCALPIK NC 17 also helps deep-clean paint guns when these get extremely dirty.

  • Auto-bodies

    SCALPEX NC 17 is a methylene-chloride-free gel stripper, suitable for vertical surfaces like those of vehicle bodies. Its gel formula helps quickly and effectively dissolve the coats found on vehicle bodies. It is the ideal product for restoring vehicle bodies. It works on all types of paint like lacquers or varnishes.


  • Auto-bodies

    SUPRA CARROSSERIE is ideal for washing vehicle bodies. It has no mechanical action and is therefore recommended for car-wash arches. This concentrated auto-body shampoo removes road film, insect marks and other dirt.

    Thanks to its powerful cleaning action and high concentration of surfactants, SCALP SUPRA CARROSSERIE helps bring shine to surfaces.

  • Auto-bodies

    SCALP NETTOYANT AUTO is a concentrated cleaner and degreaser for motor-vehicle bodies. This professional shampoo helps give shine to surfaces, thanks to its highly-concentrated active foam. It quickly and effectively removes road film found on auto bodies, as well as other dirt like grease, oil, dirty oil and grease, mud, insects etc. SCALP NETTOYANT AUTO cleans all types of auto bodies, even the dirtiest.


  • Auto-bodies

    SCALP AUT-SÉCHANT CONCENTRÉ is a drying liquid for motor-vehicle bodies. It is used after cleaning and rinsing auto bodies. This professional product helps give the vehicle a clean, streak-free and shiny appearance. This aid speeds up drying and eliminates any water marks once the motor vehicles have been washed. The film of water found on the vehicle retracts evenly, helping it dry completely and without any streaks.




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