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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre
    Primer for friable substrates

    SCALP PRIMAFIX is a primer that hardens the surface of the substrate and regulates its absorbency. It can be applied to soft, powdery and crumbly substrates prior to painting, tiling, wallpapering, etc.
    Using this primer before laying base coat, concrete, mineral, plaster or cement-based screeds, etc. reduces the risk of cracking. What's more, it's perfectly suited to interior use, adapting harmoniously to all brands of plaster. SCALP PRIMAFIX guarantees the adhesion of coatings.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre
    Mineralizing and consolidating agent in water base

    SCALP MINERALISANT 95 is a mineralizing product for natural stone. It provides in-depth consolidation of mineral facades, floors and walls (natural stone, limestone, bricks, concrete, etc.). This professional mineralizer acts effectively against humidity and atmospheric pollution. These two factors degrade and weaken these supports, so it's essential to consolidate them. SCALP MINERALIZER 95 is ideal for use on historic monuments, facades, floors made of untreated materials, etc.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre
    Consolidating, mineralizing and waterproofing

    SCALP CONSOLIDANT HYDROFUGE, mineraliser, strengthener and waterproofer, effectively hardens, solidifies and protects against water ingress in a single operation. This strengthener is applied to substrates like natural stone, limestone and siliceous stone, brick, concrete and mineral coatings.

    It prevents damp and air pollution from damaging walls, façades and floors and causing their natural bond to break down. This mineraliser, strengthener and waterproofer is recommended for façades, floors, historic monuments and damaged, untreated materials etc.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre
    Anti-saltpetre treatment by impregnation

    SCALP NDS 72 is an anti-saltpetre impregnation treatment that helps completely remove white salts from all surfaces. This product is also designed for neutralising surfaces that have been cleaned or stripped using alkaline products. This anti-saltpetre treatment has a curative effect that does not stain or cause frostiness on glass. SCALP NDS 72 is ideal for the finish of walls, foundations and façades that have become stained by salts or other efflorescences.

  • Consolidating / Anti-saltpetre
    Film-forming protection against saltpetre

    SCALP ANTI-SALPÊTRE est une protection anti-salpêtre qui empêche le salpêtre de se former sur les murs en plâtre, béton ou ciment. Ce traitement préventif s’applique sur un support sain avant la mise en peinture, la pose de papier peint ou autres revêtements muraux. SCALP ANTI-SALPÊTRE se diffuse, détruit les bactéries nitrifiantes à l’origine du salpêtre tout en durcissant et consolidant le support. La finition filmogène transparente de cette protection anti-salpêtre lui permet de ne pas être recouvert si tel est le choix de la personne en charge de la décoration.




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