Basic immersion neutraliser


Basic immersion neutraliser

SCALP NEUTRALISANT BASIQUE is a basic liquid immersion neutraliser. It is used after stripping or degreasing in preparation for enamelling. This basic immersion neutraliser is used to neutralise acid-stripper marks on parts that have been stripped in a stripping bath. SCALP NEUTRALISANT BASIQUE, basic immersion neutraliser, is used in a stripping bath and must be 2-5% diluted before use.


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Corrosion inhibitor and phosphatizer

SCALPINOX D is an excellent cleaner, degreaser, passivator and phosphating rust remover for aluminium. It is also used in phosphating projects, like the dip bath treatment of rust marks. SCALPINOX D helps create good adhesion prior to painting. In addition, this cleaner is recommended for the cleaning of anodised-aluminium joinery and window frames.

Neutralizing, lightening and oxidizing acid

ACIDE OXALYQUE is a neutraliser, lightener and acid oxidising agent that works by immersion and is used after basic immersion stripping. This neutraliser helps lighten wood after a stripping bath. In order for it to be ready to use, the product must be 10-20% diluted with water and mixed.

Immersion acid neutraliser

SCALP NEUTRALISANT ACIDE is a new neutralization product after pickling or degreasing on the enamel preparation lines. It can also be used for the neutralization of traces of alkaline strippers, soda or potash.

SCALP NEUTRALISANT ACIDE, must be diluted before use. This product makes it possible to sequester divalent and tetravalent iron.


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