Dip stripper for epoxy paints


Dip stripper for epoxy paints

EPOXY 40 ECO is an immersion epoxy-paint stripper. It is ideal for all liquid and powder paints. EPOXY 40 ECO, cold dip-bath epoxy-paint stripper, is composed of an optimised mixture of dichloromethane and oxygenated solvents in an acid medium. EPOXY 40 ECO is non-flammable. This product eliminates thin-layer paints such as epoxy polyester, polyester, acrylics, vinyl and all uncured paints on ferrous or aluminium metals.

Cold stripping

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Cold stripping
Alkaline stripping solution for woods and metals

SCALP DMC 74 LIQUIDE is an alkaline stripping solution for wood and metals. This immersion stripper is designed for cleaning and stripping wood and metals. This product is ready to use but may be diluted to a 50% concentration in certain cases. This alkaline stripper for wood and metals is used as a bath, in stainless-steel and composite-material tanks suited to basic solutions. SCALP DMC 74 LIQUID can also be used as an additive with a high-pressure washer.

Cold stripping
Liquid stripper for all paints

SCALPIK L 300 is free of methylene chloride, and designed to remove all types of paints (powder coatings, epoxy and polyester paints etc.), as well as varnishes, from various surfaces (steel, aluminium etc.). This product is specifically recommended for the stripping of successive layers of incorrect paint.

Cold stripping
Cold-bath paint-stripping

SCALPIK L16NG is a cold, liquid stripper for use in stripping baths. It is ideal for stripping varnished paints and paints from wood.

This innovative product is free of chlorinated solvent and is a perfect replacement for liquid methylene chloride paint pickling supports.

Cold stripping
Cold-bath, immersion stripping

SCALPIK L 20 NG is a cold-bath, immersion, ultra-fast-acting, liquid, paint stripper. This cold-bath, immersion stripper works the fastest in its class. It is an optimised blend WITHOUT DICHLOROMETHANE, ideal for ferrous and non-ferrous METALS as well as WOOD. SCALPIK L 20 NG has a very good biting power. This innovative paint pickling solution removes paints such as epoxy polyester, acrylics, vinyl, paints from cataphoresis, some varnishes and all uncured paints on ferrous metals and aluminium.


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