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Find all SCALP products for the building, industry and transport sectors.

Our products are formulated, developed and manufactured according to precise and strict specifications in order to always offer you the best, whether in terms of efficiency or reliability. Our products meet the needs of professionals in the construction, industry and transport sectors thanks to our complete ranges.

  • Cleaner
    Stone facade cleaner

    SCALP PIERRE AQUA 89 quickly and easily cleans stone façades. It helps remove localised air pollution and other dirt from a wide range of substrates like stone, marble, concrete, roughcast, washed grit, painted surfaces, organic coatings, thick plastic coating, semi-thick coating etc.



  • Cleaner
    Powerful cleaner for calcareous surfaces

    SCALP DMC 73, limestone and mineral façade cleaner, removes grime and cleans limestone and mineral surfaces like stone, marble and those with a hydraulic coating, that have become soiled by urban pollution originating from the air.

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    Brick facade cleaner

    SCALPNET AQUA 37 is a brick-façade cleaner and dirt remover in thixotropic gel form. It removes black soiling, originating from the air, from all mineral or silica-rich surfaces. This façade cleaner and dirt remover is ideal for brick façades. SCALPNET AQUA 37 is specifically recommended for cleaning fragile materials like brick, concrete, ceramic, stoneware, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass etc. This dirt remover for brick façades is ideal for cleaning projects where there is a significant environmental constraint. SCALPNET AQUA 37 is environmentally-friendly and perfect for cleaning brick façades in high-traffic areas.


  • Cleaner
    Detergent for brick facades

    SCALP NETTOYANT FAÇADE 2, ultra-powerful brick-façade cleaner, effectively cleans and removes dirt from brick, sandstone, ceramic, pâte de verre kiln-cast glass, all types of concrete and pea-gravel façades. It is specially formulated for cleaning materials with a high silica content. This brick-façade dirt remover quickly removes air pollution and other soiling linked to urban pollution.

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    Façade shampoo

    SCALP PRONET, ultra-powerful, multi-purpose façade detergent, cleans, removes dirt and degreases metal and mineral cladding, soiled PVC, façades, floors, paving, and all mineral or organic surfaces, whether painted or not. Ultra-powerful and multi-purpose SCALP PRONET is designed to shampoo and clean heavily-soiled façades, whether as a finish or in preparation for repainting.

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    Facade cleaner and descaler

    SCALP RENOV’ EXPRESS, super façade cleaner and descaler, cleans, descales and restores roofs, façades, floors and walls. It is designed to remove soiling and air pollution from all structures, like façades, walls, floors and roofs. This façade cleaner is applied to all types of thick and semi-thick plastic coatings (organic, mineral, hydraulic or whitewash). SCALP RENOV’ EXPRESS is therefore perfectly suited to stones, bricks, cements, fibrocements, concretes, slates, tiles etc.

  • Cleaner
    Professional degreaser and cleaner for metal surfaces

    DEROX 320 is a professional degreaser and etch for metal surfaces. This highly-concentrated product cleans, degreases and etches aluminium, zinc and galvanised steel. It creates a clinging base before painting, which helps eliminate slag and avoid the risk of lifting, blistering or peeling of paint.

  • CleanerPassivator

    SCALPINOX D is an excellent cleaner, degreaser, passivator and phosphating rust remover for aluminium. It is also used in phosphating projects, like the dip bath treatment of rust marks. SCALPINOX D helps create good adhesion prior to painting. In addition, this cleaner is recommended for the cleaning of anodised-aluminium joinery and window frames.

  • Cleaner
    Universal no-rinse cleaner and degreaser

    SCALP AQUA 03 is a universal, no-rinse, degreasing cleaner for all types of surfaces. It washes all synthetic surfaces found in the building industry, like cladding, PVC, painted surfaces, aluminium, zinc etc. It contains no ammonia, acid or chlorine, and is an excellent paint degreaser for both indoors and outdoors. This multi-purpose, universal degreasing cleaning product is ideal for PVC.

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    Degreaser and food surface cleaner

    SCALP AQUA 04 is a degreasing cleaner for food surfaces. It is a concentrated detergent, degreasing and detersive solution for surfaces used in the food industry. It is ideal for cleaning and degreasing small equipment, machine parts and surfaces that could come into contact with food. This degreasing cleaner effectively removes fat found on utensils, food containers and surfaces in industrial kitchens, canteens, hospitals etc.

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    Cleaning laitance and cement veil

    SCALP SOL'NET is a cement laitance and film cleaner. It is an excellent professional cleaner and degreaser for concrete floors. It removes dirt, cement laitance and films and other residue left over on site when work has ended. This cleaner also degreases and etches cement floors prior to painting or renovating.

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    Universal cleaning wipes for construction sites

    WIPES EXPRESS 90 universal, work-site cleaning wipes, quickly clean and degrease all stubborn stains. These maintenance wipes are waterless and soap-less and ideal for hands and smooth, non-porous surfaces like computers, printers, whiteboards, vehicle interiors and exteriors, machines etc. WIPES EXPRESS 90 removes oil, fat, lubricant, tar, grease, ink etc. These industrial wipes are non-irritating and have a powerful grease-removing and cleaning action. The convenient size means these universal, work-site cleaning wipes can be carried everywhere you go.


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