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Cleaning products

Immerse yourself in cleaning excellence with our range of cleaning products. Our carefully-crafted selection meets all your needs, whether for indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Explore our range of all-purpose cleaning products, distinguished by their versatility and unrivalled effectiveness. Formulated to simplify your cleaning tasks, these products remove dirt, grease and stubborn stains, leaving behind a brilliant shine.

For vertical surfaces, our range of facade cleaners offers the ideal solution. Whether you're working on concrete, stone, brick or mineral plaster, our advanced formulations work deep down. They reveal the original beauty of your facades, while respecting their integrity.

At SCALP SAS, innovation is at the heart of our approach. That's why our cleaners are designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. You can count on our range to deliver exceptional results while adopting an eco-responsible approach.

Whether you're a professional looking to offer your customers impeccable cleanliness, or a DIY enthusiast looking to maintain and embellish your spaces, our cleaners are there to meet your needs.

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